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It works great. Self-Extracting EXE Creator is used for creating self-extracting EXE files. Self-extracting file contains other files which are extracted from it when the file is run. The files self-extracting EXE contains are compressed using Lempel-Ziv algorithm, whose compression ratio is about 35%. SFX EXE Creator compresses all files using Lempel-Ziv algorithm and adds 17kB of executable code to compressed files. Warning: When you name a new SFX file, the name which you enter shouldn't be the same as the name of the file which will execute after extracting the archive, otherwise DO self-extracting archive will start itself. LOOP Roberto R. Oriolo(03/25/99)
Help Workshop
Freeware (3mb)
Link to MIcrosoft Corporations Help Workshop For Writing Windows Help Files. This File is FreeWare from Microsoft Corporation. With Windows Help Compiler. Microsoft(03/26/99)
This utility writes an .RC version info file that can be included in your .RES file. Tom Record(03/27/99)
VB-Res is a resource compiler , a limited res compiler, but better than nothing! It creates RES files for use with your projects. It is written in VB and can create both 16 and 32-bit RES files from either the 16 or 32-bit version of VB-Res. It doesn't support Dialog, Menu, or Accelerator resources but it does support Bitmap, Icon, Cursor, StringTable, and custom resources. VB-Res will require all the runtimes that any VB EXE requires. John Findlay(03/30/99)
A limited Resource Compiler. Directions for use included in a .TXT file in the ZIP archive. Joe Hurst(04/01/99)
RGB COLOR SELECTOR- modified 6 Apr 1999 by Tom Record. ' by REMming 1 line & unREMming 2 others, BGR Hex is available ' for Roland's Formtext (look at line 229+). Originally: rgbview.gfw Michael K. Kroeger 19 May 93. Those dialogs don't have to be grey! Tom Record(04/06/99)
Free From Microsoft(16,799b)
The EXEVIEW sample uses the Old and New Header formats as documented in the Microsoft MS-DOS Encyclopedia. EXEVIEW loads these headers and the associated tables that are pointed at by these headers. The include the Entry Table, the Segment Table, the Resource Table, the Resident and Non-Resident name tables as well as the Imported Name tables. In addition to loading these tables, EXEVIEW will also load the resources that can be found in the resource table. If the resource can be displayed graphically (Icons, cursors, bitmaps, menus, etc...) then it is. For string tables and directories (Icon, cursor, font, etc...) the resources are listed in a text format. For more information on the file formats and resource formats see the MS-DOS Encyclopedia, The September 1991 Microsoft Systems Journal or the Microsoft Open Tools documentation. Microsoft Developers(04/10/99)
Free From Joe Hurst(43,393)
XRip (Windows 95, 98, NT) 1.0.2) Do you know that feeling? You are working hard on an application and for some buttons you need some fancy pictures? Or you're building a fantastic presentation and need some funny pictures? Where to take from when not - steal them??? Well, don't steal theam. But take XRip to search in all EXEs and DLLs on your drives to find some inspiration. Load any EXE or DLL into XRip. If it contains icons, XRip will display them. For own research, XRip will save them as bitmaps to your TEMP-directoy. Needs VB5 runtime library available on the web in many places. XRip is freeware by EDV-Service Diplom-Finanzwirt Joachim Hurst Hochkirchstr. 11 10829 Berlin (Germany) eMail: JoeHurst@snafu.de Web: http://www.jhurst.de - Sources and Software EDV-Service Diplom-Finanzwirt Joachim Hurst (04/12/99)
Freeware by Christian Ghisler(31,268)
Lister is a freeware file viewer for Windows 3.x and Windows 95. Copyright 1992-1996 by Christian Ghisler. This program may be freely distributed. Lister is part of Windows Commander. Dale Bryant(05/03/99)
by Russell Hayward(345kb)
What is the constant value for all those WM_ messages This program will show you the constant value for all Windows commands. Search for WM and all WM commands will be displayed. When a WM_messsage is displayed then open the window and all the WM_commands will be shown. Clicking on the one you want will display its constant value. Try BM_,CB_,DM_,EM_ and LM_. A great progam for displaying constant values. (02/17/2000) Russell Hayward(02/17/2000)
by Mark Feaver(74kb)
Big, big text files are not a problem for BIGTEXT by Mark Feaver (02/08/2000) Mark Feaver(02/08/00)

On this page you will find freeware programming utilities that other programmers have found to be useful in the creation/distribution of their programs. If you have a utility that you think other GFA programmers would find useful please send it to adbryant@msn.com so others may share. All utilities MUST BE be freeware.