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Walter Schoenherr DirectX source and file... Files for downloading..
John Findlays Home Page Now devoted to C code... Files for downloading..
Russell Hayward Home Page Levels for Beginners, Amateurs and Expert.. Files for downloading..
The New Home Page Of Joe Hurst Joe Hurst,The Author Of The BBOX Series!! Joe is a very knowledgeable programmer
GFA Basics Home Page The Home Of GFA Basic- Gfa Software Technologies
Large collection of GFA-BASIC Listings Downloads from GFA.NET
The Jonkyard GFA Basic Page The JONKYARD
Barrie's GFA Basic MsDos Page Barrie's GFA MSDOS Page
StarTrek StarTrek GFA Basic Page
Roland Walter Roland Walters' GFA Basic Page. Probably the most files. Zip file with almost 1000 source code. Fully functional Demos of GFA Basic For Windows/DOS (Help Files In German) Lots of GFW/GFA Source Code.--Roland is The Author of TOOL MENU which many GFA Basic programmers use..New Version 2.2 available from the files page on this web site..Web-Seiten Rolands sind auf Deutsch
BeepCastle GFA Pages BeepCastle GFA Pages.Mostly in Duetsche
Bernard Heliord Some GFA links and lots of other files Files for downloading.
Tom Records' Pages Tom (Tiger) Record Page. Some GFA links and lots of other files for downloading.
Web Hosting By GFA GFA.NET
Wilhelm Bueckmann Pages Some GFA links and lots of other files Files for downloading.
Gfa Free Trial Version From GFA GFA BASIC Trial Version. This is a fully functional version of GFA BASIC limited only to 1,000 lines of source Code. Give it a try!
David Wicker(GFA16) GFA Home Page Of David Wicker. David has his own unique programming style. Check It Out!