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GB32HELP (615Kb) The new GB32 Windows Help File. To help you with GB32 (FREEWARE) By All My Friends. Note: This file will have frequent updates. 1000 Pages.Last Update(08/28/2001) Contact Dale BryantEnglish Version08/28/2001
GB32 V:2.X
(2KB) by Peter Heinzig. Very nice graphic demo by Peter.Adjusting colors in a bitmap. Don't Miss it!!. :. (09/25/2001) ..German  Comments
and Commands09/25<P>/2001
GB32 V:2.X
(2KB) by Antonio Barbosa. Very nice by Antonio. Write\GetPrivateProfileString Demo. Don't Miss it!!. :. (09/22/2001) ..English  Comments
and Commands09/22/2001
GB32 V:2.X
(2KB) by Antonio Barbosa. Very nice TreeView Application by Antonio.Does it all. tview.dat file included.. :. (09/06/2001) ..English  Comments
and Commands09/06/2001
GB32 V:2.X
(2KB) by Antonio Barbosa. Very nice TreeView DIR. Shows fields and folders.::. (09/06/2001) ..English  Comments
and Commands09/06/2001
GB32 V:2.X
(8KB) by Michael Weigand. Very nice program by Michael. This text editor uses the RC4 encrytion.You should find this one useful.::. (08/05/2001) ..English  Comments
and Commands07/13/2001
GB32 V:2
(14KB) by Peter Heinzig. Very nice program by Peter. Scans for types of sound files and then plays them. You will like this one!!. (07/26/2001) Includes German and English help. ..English  Comments
and Commands07/13/2001
GB32 V:2
(5KB) by :Franz-Xaver Schweiger.
I wrote some new Bitblt-Procedures with Color-Functions:

BltContrast        -    Bitblt with modify the Contrast
BltBrightness      -    Bitblt with modify the Brightness
BltColor           -    Bitblt with modify the Colorintesity
BltTint            -    Bitblt with modify the angle of Color
BltAllFunctions    -    All 4 Colorfunctions in one, but slower
BltMerge           -    Transparent Bitblt with variable transparence
BltMergeFast       -    Transparent Bitblt with 50% transparence
                        (faster than BltMerge)

I wrote 4 Demos with this functions (you can select it when you run the

Demo1              -    Color Adjust Functions
Demo2              -    Fade from Picture1 to Picture2
Demo3              -    Color Adjustment with the Keyboard
Demo4              -    Alpha-Animation (move the mouse for scroll the

I used Integer Variables for all color-functions, because its much
faster than Floatingpoint Variables.
You can put it to your "Fun-Section" or "GB32-Section"

Have fun with it!

Franz-Xaver Schweiger
English  Comments
and Commands07/16/2001
GB32 V:2
(163KB) by Peter Heinzig. This is probably the best Progress Bar demo you will ever see. 13 different progress bars. All shapes and sizes. ..English  Comments
and Commands07/13/2001
GB32 V:2
(21KB) by By Dale Bryant and Antonio Barbosa.
1. Populate from disk or from the application
2. Print 1 or 2 column printout
3. Clear all data in the ListView
4. Delete Selected Item
5. Edit Selected Item
6. Write data to disk
7. Load data from disk
8. Add new data while application is Active
9. Search for a data record
10. Sort on any of the 3 fields
11. Has a Status Bar that shows current time
12. Show Listview Item count when data is loaded
English   Comments
and Commands06/29/2001
GB32 V:2
(22KB) by Dale Bryant. ComboBox App. Loads URLs from disk. New URLs can be added by user input or by pasting the URL. Allows saving of the ConboBox URL Data. You can maintain as many URL list as you desire. Printing also ..English  Comments
and Commands07/20/2001
GB32 V:2
(2KB) by Stefan Scholz. Very nice Status Bar demo by Stefan . Very informative. You should study this one. ..German   Comments
and Commands06/30/2001
GB32 V:2
(1KB) by Stefan Scholz. Aim: Displays any Viryual Keycode when any key is pressed. Vety nice demo. ..German   Comments
and Commands06/29/2001
GB32 V:2
(2KB) by Peter Hienzig. Aim: If possible, wrong-inputs prevents at the moment the input. Control and perhaps correction immediately after conclusion of the input. Examples for allowable signs:- For telephone-number only possible: Numbers," /"," -", space. Other signs cannot be inputed. - for money-amounts only possibly: Numbers, decimal-signs (="." for U.S., =", " for Germany).Not other sign. - for date only possible: Numbers, separation-signs of the country. Example for others wrong-inputed be money-amounts: - no longer numbers after the decimal-sign, as allowed. - Alter: delete decimal - signs; new insert: only at allowable positions possible. Examples for Control and perhaps correction immediately after conclusion of the input: 1. sign great: delete 1.sign; 2.sign -> 1.sign = small; ENTER; 1.sign great - Time: input 25:66 - mistake; TextBox select all; correction - Date: input 02/30/2000 - mistake; TextBox select all; correction - Date: input 1/2/3; Enter; correction to 01/02/03 or 01/02/2003 ..German   Comments
and Commands06/28/2001
GB32 V:2
(1.4KB) by Stefan Sholz. A Demo for GB32 V2.xx with: OPTION buttons with differenty colored text... ..German   Comments
and Commands06/19/2001
GB32 V:2
(1.50KB) by Roland Walter.Here is a small program which lists all functions exported by a DLL. May be very usefull if You import DLL functions or if You like to know more about Windows system functions ;-) You may free copy and use the program (and so on and so forth). . ..English Comments
and Commands06/19/2001
GB32 V:2
(360KB) by Stefan Sholz. A Demo for GB32 V2.xx with: Open Folder, Load Files, Save Files, Zip Files, Send Mail (Outlook), Send Mail (all programs), Delete Files, Start .lnk Files, Start .exe and .bat Files. All lines with commentars. You can use it with GFA16bit and GB32. . ..German   Comments
and Commands06/17/2001
GB32 V:2
(65KB) by Stefan Sholz. the new Demo CD Start program is for all people with want to start a small Programm example for a CD-Rom. Over the File "inhalt.dat" every user can written a own list of filestructur and so on... ..German   Comments
and Commands06/01/2001
GB32 V:2
(1.7Mb) by Stefan Sholz. A very nice Setup Program by Stefan Sholz.(06/01/2001) Has a lot of fantastic source code in it. I messed up the first upload. Sorry Stefan! .. ..German   Comments
and Commands 06/02/2001
GB32 V:2
(4Kb) by Stefan Sholz. Another very nice Program by Stefan Sholz.(06/01/2001) .. ..German   Comments
and Commands06/01/2001
G32SORT.ZIP (6kb)' by Michael Wiegand .This program sorts any(?) GB32 source file by the names of Subs, Functions, Procedures. The sorted file will be saved with the original file name while the original file will be saved as .Bak There are two options: - Sort by type. The sorted source will show the Functions first, then the Procedures and then the Subs. Otherwise all will be sorted by the name regardless if it is Sub, Function or whatsoever - Proc = Procedure When sorted by type the program does not make a difference between Proc and Procedure. This time it includes the source for a GFA Editor Extension. This lets you launch the source sorter from within GB32. Comments In English05/05/2001
GB32 V:2
(52Kb) by Peter Hienzig. Shows us how to display graphic file in a folder to one screen. Very Nicely done.Excellant Program.(05/03/2001) .. ..English  Comments
and Commands06/28/2001
GB32 V:2
(2Kb) by Michael Weigand. Shows us how to convert a .BMP to a .gif using Ifranview. Ifranview must be your .BMP viewer.(05/01/2001) .. ..English  Comments
and Commands05/01/2001
GB32 V:2
(7Kb) by Michael Weigand. Michael Weigand demonstrates a moveable toolbar(04/18/2001) .. ..English  Comments
and Commands04/18/2001
GB32 V:2
(12Kb) by Michael Weigand. Analises your gb32 source code - shows which Procedures, Functions, Subs and Declares are used ' - shows which constants and variables are declared and where they are declared. (04/16/2001) .. ..English  Comments
and Commands04/19/2001
GB32 V:2
(4Kb) by Antonio Barbosa. Antonio demostrates how to have icons in a Combo Box. (03/23/2001) .. ..English  Comments
and Commands03/23/2001
GB32 V:2
(4Kb) by Antonio Barbosa. Very NIce Calender programmed in GFA BASIC32. (02/23/2001) .. ..English  Comments
and Commands02/23/2001
GB32 V:2
(3Kb) by Peter Heinzig. ListView With Column Headers. Columns have sort capibilities. .. ..English & German Comments
and Commands02/06/2001
GB32 V:2
(4Kb) by Michael Weigand. TELENET includes Client/Server code that allows you to talk to another computerr written in GB32 by Michael Weigand... .. ..English & German Comments
and Commands01/30/2001
GB32 V:2
(5Kb) by Sven Thomas. COPYFOLD includes two routines for copying fodler trees to another location. If the destination folders do not exist they will be created... .. ..English  Comments
and Commands01/30/2001
GB32 V:2..1
(7Kb) by Joe Hurst. SSGB32 is a screen saver written in GB32 by Joe Hurst. Don't forget to visit Joes web page. Lots of GFA code there. .. ..English & German Comments
and Commands01/25/2001
GB32 V:2
(7Kb) by Michael Weigand. VIDCAP by Michael Weigand. OK, if you have a tv tuner card built in your computer then a screen with the video should appear and you should hear the sound. And forms should appear when clicking on the other buttons for setting up the picture format, the colors, the video source and so on. So I assume you don't have a tv card? .. ..English & German Comments
and Commands01/22/2001
GB32 V:2
(1Kb) by Michael Weigand. KILLPROC by Michael Weigand. Killproc shows all running processes and allows you to select a proces to kill.Very nice... ..English & German Comments
and Commands01/21/2001
GB32 V:2.0
(43Kb) by Peter Heinzig. TOOLEDIT - Extremely nice and a fantastic interface. Peter has done a great programming job.
- program-length  "ToolEdit.g32" = 95.813 Bytes. OK?
- program requires GB32 version 2.0    
- program requires screen-color 24 or 32 bits  (otherwise mistake-message)
- screen-size 640x480 or 800x600 (best) or 1024x768
Run out:
- open fullwindow
- opening: small animation text "Welcome...."
- Buttons disabled, besides  CUR, ICO, BMP, HELP, CLOSE
- press  CUR or ...
. ..
English & German Comments
and Commands01/28/2001
GB32 V:2
(8Kb) by Peter Heinzig. SEARCH MACHINE .. 32 bit search machine. Similar to Roland Walters 16 bit version. Very nice.. . ..English & German Comments
and Commands01/28/2001
GB32 V:2
(4Kb) by Peter Heinzig Peter has taken the Download URL and has put a very nice wrapper on it.Download a file right from GB32 .... Another free download from a good programmer . ..English Comments
and Commands12/09/2000
GB32 V:2
(1Kb) by Michael Weigand. Shows All Processes currently running.... Another free download from a good programmer . ..English Comments
and Commands12/09/2000
GB32 V:2
(1Kb) by Michael Weigand. Shows your CPU usage.. Another free download from a good programmer . ..English Comments
and Commands12/09/2000
GB32 1.05 V:2 OK
(116Kb) by Jerry Allen. Flash Hex Editor written in GFA32. Great interface. Another free download from a good programmer . ..English Comments
and Commands11/20/2000
GB32 V:2
(91Kb) by Peter Sejfried .This has some very good code. Plays MP3 and MOD files.. Be sure and download the code. Include BASS.DLL . ..English Comments
and Commands11/07/2000
GB32 V 1.5 Only
(9Kb) Harold Piotr .This has some very good code. .. Be sure and download the code. . ..English Comments
and Commands10/18/2000
GB32 V2.0
(55Kb) From Gerd Kosbab. .This has some very good TabStrip code. Gerd shows us how it is done. Be sure and download the code. . ..English Comments
and Commands10/18/2000
BMP2BORD.ZIP (1Kb) From Harald Piotr. Bitmap from file into the inter-storage space there the 16 bit clip-board-functions substitute-free was canceled. Who wants to can experiment; Send Results please to (Harald Piotr) . ..English Comments
and Commands10/30/2000
GB32 V:2.0
(55Kb) From John Findlay.Look here! John had all these avi's just laying around doing nothing. Put them to work.anims(0) = "search" : anims(1) = "filecopy" : anims(2) = "filedel" anims(3) = "filedelr" : anims(4) = "filemove" : anims(5) = "filenuke" anims(6) = "findcomp" : anims(7) = "findfile" : anims(8) = "download" . ..English Comments
and Commands10/18/2000
SNAPWIN.ZIP (1Kb) From Michael Weigand. Snap a form to a Window. Very nice! . ..English Comments
and Commands10/22/2000
GB32 V2 Front End
(1.4mb) From Peter Patzwaldt. I have received my V2 copy and the first result is a frontend for the UPX tool. With this tool you can compress any binary executable (EXE,DLL..). Best of all, compressed files keep on running without a decompression as required if you are using a zip tool (there is a decompression required, of course, but the decompression is automatic part of the compressed file and will be handled by the file itself). The best part of the story, the complete tool (Compressor frontend and the UPX engine) is for free under the GPL (see included text file for details). The Compressor.msi you'll find as attachement is a little pumped up because of using the MSI format (Windows installer service, which is also needed for installation). The tool itself is pretty small and fast. Note that compression will take a while, but decompression (means regular use of a compressed file) runs on the fly. . ..English Comments
and Commands10/06/2000 07/23/2001
PICINRTF.ZIP (5Kb)Gfa Software Tecnologies shares this progam code. ..English Comments
and Commands09/10/2000
MEMINFO.ZIP (1Kb)' two values: ' - Memory Load : percentage value indicating the memory usage ' 100 percent is displayed as '##' ' - Available Physical Memory: the free memory in MB ' Restriction: physical memory is only displayed up to 99 MB ' ' A yellow background indicates constant memory ' A red background indicates increasing memory usage ' A green background indicates decreasing memory usage ' ' To exit the program just click on the tiny window to activate it and ' then press ALT-F4 ' ' use at your own risk ' Comments
and Commands09/10/2000
(27kb)GFA-BASIC 32 - 09/03/2000. Three very nice programs by Walter Trump. 1. Mandlebrot 2 Welle 3. Magic 5 Contact EnglishCommentsWalter Trump
(7kb)GFA-BASIC 32 - 08/31/2000. Three very nice programs by Peter Heinzig. 1. Bscopy 2. Skala 3 SM........ Contact German CommentsPeter Heinzig10/08/2001
(3kb)GFA-BASIC 32 - 08/28/2000. EasyView by Roger Cabo will copy almost any graphic format to your desk top. A really fun program. I copied my own photo to my desk top but just couldn't stand leaving it there.. Contact English Comments Roger Cabo
(27kb)GFA-BASIC 32 - 08/26/2000. Want a great Julian Calendar program? Jerry Allen does it up right. Contact English Comments Jerry Allen
(2kb)GFA-BASIC 32 - 07/25/2000.From Thomas Deharde. The attached samples show a - not optimal but working - solution to a problem I had when switching from Gfa16 to Gfa32: how to exchange strings or other data between different programs. Under Windows 3.1 it was fairly easy; you just sent out a message to the other program containing adddress and length of the data block. Not anymore. Any attempts to do so failed. DDE is of course a solution, but I haven't found a good example yet, and after looking at the DDE documentation I thought of another solution: using the clipboard. That works surprisingly well and seems to be less effort than using DDE. !! Contact Thomas DehardeGermany
English Comments
(72kb)GFA-BASIC 32 - 06/24/2000. by Ulli Stemmeler. A very nice MP3 player by Ulli. It even plays country music. I Love it!! Contact Ulli StemmelerGermany
English Comments
EMPFANG.ZIP (326Kb)From Stefan Scholz. "" ist an good Demo for Forms, COMM Functions and more. Comments In German07/18/2000Contact Stefan
NBTNPDLG.ZIP (2.3Kb)From Eberhard Funck. A new demo for adding a button in a printdlg dialog.English05/15/2000Contact Eberhard
GFA32RTN (9Kb) Three GFA32 Routines are in the zip file By Georg Veichtlbauer Contact Georg English Version01/20/2000
MEMDC32 (576b) Creating a MEMDC In GFA32 BASIC For Windows. By Franz-Xaver Schweige Franz-Xaver Schweige English Version
INCLUDES (49kb) The Black Box For GFA Basic 32.Please notify:If anybody knows my "Black Box for Visual Basic", he knows what I try to reach finally: a complete black box for GFA-BASIC 32 with the same procedures in the same modules. Very much work has to be done up to then, but I don't resignate ;-)
GB32Constants: A package with all-day-need constants
XFiles       : Access to file-functions of the OS
XHelp        : Control your help files
XIni         : A complete INI-Handler
XJoystick    : The joystick-interface
XListView    : Listview-Extender
XMath		 : Tiny little helpers
XMultiMedia  : Soundcard available?
XRC4         : Crypt/Uncrypt with RC4-algorithm
XWinSys      : More than the APP-object
XControls    : Help on Controls
SampleXControls: How to use
By Joe Hurst-Email
Joe Hurst English Version03/02/2000
(93kb)GFA-BASIC 32 - Single Document Interface Frame Application. Updated 10/26/1999 (Joe Hurst) Email 11/03/99 Joe Hurst Deutsche Comments
(383b)GFA-BASIC 32 - Examples of Reading/Writing to a COMM Port File 10/19/1999 Sent by Gunnar Boenicke. Written by Sven Thomas Gunnar BoenickeDeutsche Comments
(482b)GFA-BASIC 32 - Windows Version Routine 10/21/1999 By Hans Mueller Contact Hans MuellerDeutsche Comments
(94Kb)GFA-BASIC 32 - 10/24/1999 Start32e is a program to make an auto start CD, By Michael Weigand 10/29/99Contact Michael WeigandEnglish Comments
(67Kb)GFA-BASIC 32 - 10/28/1999 A good TreeView Demo Progrram Sent By Stefan Scholz Contact Stefan ScholzDeutsche Comments
(26Kb)GFA-BASIC 32 - 10/30/1999 Benchmark test BY GFA Software Technologies
(20Kb)GFA-BASIC 32 - 10/31/1999 Stars Demo By Joe Hurst, Contact Joe Hurst
(26Kb)GFA-BASIC 32 - 11/01/1999 Loads .BMP, .GIF, .JPG, .WMF, .ICO, .CUR Demo By John Findlay, Contact John Findlay
(11Kb)GFA-BASIC 32 - 11/02/1999 Menu toolbar button example. With extra buttons in the zip Demo By John Findlay, Contact John Findlay
(7Kb)GFA-BASIC 32 - 11/02/1999 By Autor: Stefan Scholz, 29/10/1999 'm.tek software (c)1999
(14kb)GFA-BASIC 32 - 11/06/1999 Magnifcation Demo By John Findlay, Contact English Comments John Findlay
(1986)GFA-BASIC 32 - 11/06/1999 Mandelbrot Demo By Joe Hurst. See how fast this one is!! Contact English Comments Joe Hurst
(86kb)GFA-BASIC 32 - 11/13/1999 A List of GFA-BASIC 32 Commands. Sent by Rene Woolderink Contact English Comments Rene
(43kb)GFA-BASIC 32 - 11/13/1999 Loading a .DLL from the GB32 editor and passing a string from the .DLL. The .DLL is included. by George Redford. Contact English Comments George
(43kb)GFA-BASIC 32 - 11/13/1999 Loading a .RTF from the File Section of a form. The .RTF then becomes part of the g32 program. by John Findlay. Contact English Comments John
(4kb)GFA-BASIC 32 - 11/15/1999. by Ulli Stemmeler. This program loads and displays so many different audio/video files they are too numerous to mention here. Quick Down Load. Contact English Comments Ulli Stemmeler
(140kb)GFA-BASIC 32 - 11/21/1999. by Eberhard Funck.. Make albums of .GIF, .JPG, .BMP. This is a commerical quality program. Source code in zip but must be run as an .EXE(Included) Contact English Comments Eberhard02/02/00
(3kb)GFA-BASIC 32 - 12/02/1999. Three menu examples from my friends John Findlay, Mr. Rieger and Benny Sels Contact English Comments John Findlay
GB32 V:2
(3kb)GFA-BASIC 32 - 12/04/1999. a Graph in a form by Michael Weigand Contact English Comments Michael Weigand
(2kb)GFA-BASIC 32 - 12/11/1999. Want to know all about your computer? REGINFO from Jerry Allen shows it all.a Contact English Comments Jerry Allen
(2kb)GFA-BASIC 32 - 12/12/1999. This great routine loads big picture files and has a slider bar so the entire picture may be viewed. If the picture being viewed is smaller than the default Window size then the Window is adjusted accordingly. By Ulrich ErwerleDeutsche Comments Contact Ulrich Erwerle
(3kb)GFA-BASIC 32 - 12/12/1999. This is a demo on how to create a meta file. By Brent DeckEnglish Comments Contact Brent Deck
(3kb)GFA-BASIC 32 - 01/03/2000. An example of docking icons on a menu by Rene Woolderink. English Comments Contact Rene
(3kb)GFA-BASIC 32 - 01/06/2000. Dialog demo by Stefan Sholz. This has some great code to study. Don't miss this one!Deutsche Comments Contact Stefan
(2kb)GFA-BASIC 32 - 01/08/2000. Joe Hurst shows how to do a List Box. Don't miss this one!English Comments Contact Joe Hurst
(125kb)GFA-BASIC 32 - 01/10/2000. Updated (01/13/2000) Engelbert Van Loock plays the drums with animation. Some new stuff in this one . Grab it!English Comments Contact Engelbert van Loock
(258kb)GFA-BASIC 32 - 01/10/2000. Updated (01/13/2000) ALL RIGHT! John Findlay does DIRECTX animation. Two separate demos. This is really great stuff. Grab it!English Comments Contact John Findlay
(4kb)GFA-BASIC 32 - 01/10/2000. Emails sent with 'HTML' format can contain viruses that can add a file to the 'start up' of Windows so that they can be executed the next time the computer starts and contaminate your Email Addresses. Have attached a small program in GB32 which protects the 'Start Menu\Programs\StartUp' and win.ini file. English Comments Contact Dave Paterson
(455b)GFA-BASIC 32 - 01/10/2000. Engelbert Van Loock not only does Windows but he does round Windows. Grab it!English Comments Contact Engelbert van Loock
(111Kb) Everything thing you wanted to know about .wav files but were afaid to ask. Now Georg is going to show you. By Georg Veichtlbauer Contact Georg English Version01/30/2000
(70Kb) This is so funny! Sent by Karl-Werner Rieser. I am still laughing. By K. Rieser Contact Karl-Werner English Version01/20/2000
(1247b) So Busy! How many print jobs are waiting to be printed? Ask Georg! By Georg Veichtlbauer Contact Georg English Version01/21/2000
(39Kb)A very nice UUENCODE/DECODE routine. PACKER.DLL included in the ZIP. By Georg Veichtlbauer Contact Georg English Version01/30/2000
(80kb)GFA-BASIC 32 - 02/02/00. by Eberhard Funck..FANTASTIC! You will think that this was from Microsoft. Looks like WORDPAD. Uses RICHED.DLL. Contact English Comments Eberhard
(2kb)GFA-BASIC 32 - 02/17/00. by John Findlay ..Shows us how to load the icon of choice into the Microsoft ShellAbout Dialog. Contact English Comments John
(911b)GFA-BASIC 32 - 02/21/00. by Joe Hurst. Treeview with hover effect as mouse passes over file names ... Contact English Comments Joe
FRACTAL.ZIP (2kb)By Thomas Deharde. Fast Fractal drawing using the Naked command. Naked speeds it up considerbly. Try this one! Comments In English03/26/2000
SHOWDB.ZIP (19kb)By Thomas Deharde. I wrote this program out of pure desperation. I needed to access databases (dbase) ' FAST and I needed to do FAST global searchs. ' Of course, there are database programs like Access, Approach,... but ' if you don't do it yourself....' Well, this is the result. Not really optimal, but it does the job. The dbase viewer is slowly turning into a little dbase library. I cleaned some stuff and tried to separate the dbase functions from the user interface functions. The result is an - admittedly small and limited - dbase library dbase_lib.g32. The dbase viewer is now an example on how to use this library. ' You can pass a dbase file name as parameter for startup! Comments In English08/16/2000
CMANIA32.ZIP (4kb)By Me. Loads and displays cursors, some animatedComments In English04/03/2000
HASHEMO.ZIP (806b) Mr. Rieger shows us how to use the new 'Hash' commandd in GB32. Includes Hash Sort routine. Comments In English04/14/2000
REQUIRES DIRECTX7 from Microsoft
(352Kb)This code is Freeware for Non-Commercial use, if you use it commercially contact the author." (John Findlay) GB32DirectDraw7.g32 Uses the DirectDraw 7 Interface. If you have a specific requirement to use another DirectDraw interface, changes to the code will be required. Contact the author if you need help to implement the changes. This example demonstrates a double buffered display with another surface added to store the bitmap and Blit from; sprites are moved around and the background can be scrolled. Simple clipping is included for the sprites. DirectDraw constants, structures, error codes, APIs and methods are included. John Findlay e-mail -> Comments In English05/07/2000
REQUIRES DIRECTX7 from Microsoft
(61kb)' By John Findlay. DirectSound is part of the Microsoft DirectX suite of Interfaces that allow direct access to the P.C. hardware, improving programmers ability and sound performance. GB32DirectSound is an attempt to supply GB32 programmers with all the necessary tools so that they too can use DSound. [ED In my opinion this demo presents an exciting future for GB32 BASIC. As this example shows, in the hands of the right person, it can be awsome. NOTE: Requires GB32 Build 1.06 for compilation.] Comments In English05/07/2000
REQUIRES DIRECTX7 from Microsoft
(620kb)' By John Findlay Direct Music is part of the Microsoft DirectX suite of Interfaces that allow direct access to the P.C. hardware, improving programmers ability and sound performance. GB32 DirectMusic is an attempt to supply GB32 programmers with all the necessary tools so that they too can use Direct Music. [ED In my opinion this demo presents an exciting future for GB32 BASIC. Don't miss these! As this example shows, in the hands of the right person, it can be awsome. NOTE: Requires GB32 Build 1.06 for compilation.] Comments In English05/07/2000
LISTMP3.ZIP (6kb) by Wolfgng Hansch. List all your MP3 files. Why I coded this program: A friend of mine wanted to know which Mp3s I had and so I had the idea to code this, because I wasn`t able to tell him the artist and the title.. Now you can!Comments In English05/01/2000
WINTYPES.ZIP (15kb) Windows 32 TYPE structures. 3256 lines in .txt format. From Microsoft. Permission to publish No Comments05/01/2000
CALLASM.ZIP (782b) John Findlay demonstrates how to call the windows API with assembly language. Check it out! Could be very useful.No Comments05/04/2000
BUECHER.ZIP (689Kb) Karl_Werner Rieger shares this progam code. This is a professional program and I am honered to be able to share it with you. A great data base program .German Comments
and Commands05/03/2000
FILESEL.ZIP (60Kb)From Eberhard Funck. Two very nice File Select routines from Eberhard.English05/15/2000
STRIP32.ZIP (7Kb)Strips blank lines from g32, .lst, bas, pas filesEnglish05/21/2000
REQUIRES DIRECTX7 from Microsoft
(350kb)' By John Findlay The two example listings included in GB32D3DI.Zip demonstrate the same thing, the difference is that 'GB32Direct3DIm.g32' contains all the necessary function calls, constants, structures and error codes that you will need to develop your programs. The example ' GB32D3DImMini.g32' is a minimum approach with all the unused parts removed. Direct3D is a very large subject so you will need the MS DirectX SDK to fully utilize its capabilities. Direct3D is built on top of DirectDraw so the resultant code for GB32 has to have both DirectDraw and Direct3D functions, constants, structures, etc. which makes for a large amount of source code, however the example ' GB32D3DImMini.g32' shows just how much can be removed for your final application. For instance the GB32D3DImMini.exe is 57k which is very small considering there are three bitmaps inculed. Originally these bitmaps together weight in at 52k but GB32 packs these bitmaps down to 39K which means that the compiled code is only 18k. Quite good! The GB32Direct3DIm.g32 has bitmaps that originally are 200k, GB32 packs these to 137k and the resultant .exe is only 194k. Good luck, JohnComments In English05/19/2000
LEVEL.ZIP (2Kb) Michael Weigand this progam code. It puts a level meter in the task bar. English Comments06/12/2000
KILLALL.ZIP (1Kb) Roger Cabo. Be careful with this one. It kills ALL files in the selected directory. English Comments07/11/2000
LWAVPLYR.ZIP (12kb)By Thomas Deharde. Little Wave Player. Plays .WAV file show information about the .WAV file. Comments In English07/12/2000
SCAN1.ZIP (689Kb) Karl_Werner Rieger shares this progam code. So you want to scan from GFA? Mr. Rieger shows us how. Includes needed .DLL..German Comments
and Commands07/17/2000

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