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Version 4:0009
GFAWHELP (1,051kb) For GFA BASIC For Windows.FreeWare. Current Versions Maintained on GFA-BASICS Web Page By Dale Bryant. Additions 10/03/99 Compiled for Win3.X. GFAWHELP.INI addedEnglish Version
FINDER.ZIP (145kb)Finder By Thomas Gonshor... File Finder using FS. Like a speeding bullet...Code Included.. .08/23/2001
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DEMUREO.ZIP (3kb)DemoEuro By Wolfgang Schindler... DM to Euro currency converter. Euro to DM also. Source code included as usual. Don't miss it! .07/26/2001
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CHKUSER.ZIP (805b)CKUSER By Tom Record. Compound action... makes plain fullscreen window, clears it to black, positions mouse near the upper right corner, hides the mouse, then monitors for user activity: keyboard or mouse. Any key pressed or mouse movement (or button-click) clears all variables & shuts the program down. .06/28/2001
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FTP.ZIP (3kb)FTP by Randy Walker:/* A FTP program written in GFA Basic. Uses a script file made in any text editor. Example script file is in the ZIP. .04/29/2001
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EXPL10.ZIP (4kb)Link98 by Tom Record../* expl10.lst based on explor.gfw, author unknown 27AprK2.1 TomR. /* All we do here is identify freespace on HDs & floppie disks./* We can now write a "0.000" file, then a "#.###" file, then again /* "0.000" file of the length indicated by this routine minus 2 or 3 /* bytes, filled with the chars of the filenames, then kill it. /* This should render all freespace unrecoverable by anyone. I am /* guessing 6 drives will suffice. The *.dll contains drive icons. .04/29/2001
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MP3KIT.ZIP (186kb)MP3KIT by Tom Record .*.zip contains the MP3 codec & 3 files needed to install it. Instructions are included, as is an "installer". Also contained is an appl to check for all four components of the installation _&_ the 2 registry entries made during the installation. If any of the 6 "items" fails, you are told it can't play the compressed *.wavs. The codec compresses large *.wav files as MP3, then cloaks them in a *.wav header, using sndrec32.exe. Systems with the proper installation can play these *.wavs using any of the several methods of playing normal *.wav files. Filesize is reduced to perhaps 10%, tho. Once the codec is properly installed, the installation packet (this *.zip) itself can be deleted. I think the 3 *.dlls are required to allow the codec to function. 04/17/2001
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LINK98.ZIP (20kb)Link98 Link98 by Eberhard Funck will put a desired URL link on your Desktop.EXE is included.04/17/2001
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OSROW4.ZIP (292kb)Download From Dennis Osrow. This is the fourth book by Dennis on GFA Basic. Text and code examples are included.03/20/2001
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DOWNLOAD.ZIP (15kb)Download by Peter Harder will allow you to download a file from the internet from GFA Basic 16.03/09/2001
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SETUP.ZIP (24kb)by Thomas Gonshor. Very nice GFA16 Setup Program...Mostly German Dialogs.03/09/2001
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JPEG.ZIP (7kb)by 4 moving displays by Tom Record using Roland's minijpeg.dll & dll-test.lst (modified, of course!).Included image is innocuous, fully dressed young lady. Now have left2right, top2bottom, right2left & bottom2top slide, results are centered, horizontally. ...01/22/2000
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NITEFIX.ZIP (5kb)by Anthony Watson. (Mountain Software) .I'm attaching a short GFA program I thought you might like to include on your web pages. Essentially, it just automates the process of running scandisk and defrag on all of your hard drives. You can start this program at the end of the day, and let everything process overnight. Great utility for cleaning up larger drives. It also disables the screensaver temporarily to prevent scandisk from restarting over and over. ...01/14/2001You Can Email Contact Anthony
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INIFILES.ZIP (6kb)From Tom Record. 01/06/2001 A crude but working model for generating & using *.ini files._ini2a.lst writes the file using data garnered by a small dialog. In it, you name the *.ini file, select the path to images, set the path to a *.wav file *IF* you have turned the sound on. You can select smear trails behind images or not. This versiona lso contains the volume adjustment routine, but it would be best to put that one line in your display appl. chk_ini.lst is the *.ini reader from the display appl. This is actually where it would be best to have access to the system master volume control instead of in the ini-writer. filename.ini is a dead-run *.ini written by _ini2a.lst. It will write the file any time the OK button is pressed. It is provided here to give one an idea how it looks. ini_form.lst is Joe Hurst's simple *.ini format. It can be used to write any length *.ini. vol_set.lst is based on Joe Hurst's version of dirlist.lst. It is used to find where on the boot drive the file winmixw.exe is located. winmixw.exe is the master volume control on my computer. It comes w/Azcal's WinDat. I mistakenly put the access to it in the ini-writer, but it should be in the display appl, at the very beginning before any user activity is detected. I really don't know if winmixw.exe would have a different name on other systems. If one is going to use MP3 files compressed with a *.wav header, then the L3CODECA.ASM codec must be installed on the user machine, also. This was introduced to GFA-W(16) by Roland Walter. ...01/06/2001You Can Email Contact Tom Record
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TEMPHIST.ZIP (3kb)From Tom Record. 30/12/2000 09:11:02 AM (2.98K) Clear the attribs from MSIE's history & temporary internet files dirs & contents so you can save or delete any/all easily. Clear the registry entries MSIE makes for history. Look at smallreg.inf in a texteditor - clears MANY things! You may wish to remove some items! If you don't mind the registry growth or fear messing with the registry, REMark lines 47 thru 55. smallreg.inf is a product of: Roy Lehrer, smallreg is designed to cull out unneeded registry entries, reducing the filesize. It is FREE. ...12/03/2000You Can Email Contact Peter
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CALENDER.ZIP (6kb)by Peter Sejfried and Sven Kumlin. Very Nice Calender Program. Well done. You will like this one..Update by Sven Kumlin.. ...12/03/2000You Can Email Contact Peter
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RECORD4.ZIP (61kb)by Tom Record . Tom send 4 very nice routines. His 'Notes' is especially nice. cpy_mp_.lst allows me to retain MP2, MP3, & MPG files because I don't have a plugin for Opera. I let it load'em & squawk, then minimize & copy out the file from it' s cache to another dir. Opera doesn't use hidden stashes like MSIE & Netscape online.lst (_ol2a, I think) is simply a tiny text editor that plays the same role as cpy_mp_.lst - it runs in a very small window & allows me to make notes, copy jokes, URL's, etc. Someone wanted to encrypt the file Russ's appl makes - I had already begun this, but w/ the textedit's file. The encrypt/decrypt routine is enclosed, but not yet in the notes appl. ...09/28/2000You Can Email Contact Tom
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BMAPINFO.ZIP (2kb)by Tom Record . All you will ever want to know about a bitmap. Also displays the selected Bitmap if height not greater than 500...09/28/2000You Can Email Contact Tom
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CMOS.ZIP (61kb)by Mike Fooks Very nice interface. Mike says: This is his first GFA program for the PC and he would like to acknowledge the great and generous help given by the GFA community during my induction into a new language, particularly the following: Russell Hayward, Pat Bullen, Tom Record and Dale Bryant for help given on the way, and all contributors to GFA Newsletter and newsgroup..09/21/2000You Can Email Mike Fooks
WSO34.ZIP (16kb)by Engel Nobbe. Very nice Winsock demo. Best that I have seen so far. Don't miss it! Source code included.09/06/2000You Can Email Engel Nobbe
DLL5CODE.ZIP (303kb) It's Here!! ELEVEN routines for you to use in your own program. Handles long filenames and long folder names ..Easy To Use In Your Own Programs. (08/26/2000) By Bev Brown, the author of GFADLL4Bev Brown. Don't Miss This One!English Version08/28/2000
FONTSTTF.ZIP (3kb)by Von Loock. Displaying True Type Fonts by Engelbert Von Loock. Source code included. 08/19/2000You Can Email Engelbert van Loock
BTREE.ZIP (45kb) By Pat Bullman. The Btree indexing system is one of the most popular record indexing systems. Pat has put together a Btree example for us to study. Also included are the neccessary libraries. Comments In English08/21/2000
COLLECT.ZIP (43kb)by Peter Sejfried. A good game by Peter. Source code included. German VersionContact Peter08/18/2000
MTEKSAVE.ZIP (66kb)by Stefan Scholz. ist a new good Demo with documentation and 9 different animations. All in German German VersionContact Stefan
SETGRID.ZIP (3kb)by Tom Record. Scope: establish a visible, color-sensative grid, adjustable density, over a displayed *.bmp (for now), for the purpose of setting up the background precision for performing morphs & warps. Bitmaps on a grid. English Version
TOOLTIP.ZIP (10kb) Great learning tool by the very knowledgeable Ophir Daniels. Contact Ophir Daniels Confused By Call Backs ? Don't Miss This!...English Version
SHOWIT.ZIP (318kb)By Peter Sejfried. (06/22/2000)Showit is very nicely done and you will certainly like it! Be sure and watch for other programs by Peter..Requires NVIEW16.DLL which can be downloaded from this page Poland
Comments In English06/22/2000
GFADLL4.ZIP (121kb) Great GFA Library.Source And Test Module Included.Easy To Use In Your Own Programs. Updated (01/11/98) By Bev Brown. Don't Miss This One!English Version
CLONE.ZIP (246kb) Great Disk Utility. Many, Many Options . DLL Included! By Bev Brown. Don't Miss This One!English Version05/15/2000
DEMORES.ZIP (56kb) Demo For Loading Menu, Bitmap, Wave, Icon, String table, and Cursor From A .RES file. ..RES & .DLL Included In ZIP. Demo Only. By Dale Bryant. English Version .
GFAEXT2E.ZIP (61kb) GFA Editor Extensions From Gfa.English Version..This is new version 2.1. Supports Long File Names And Many New Options.German Version available. Contact GFA English VersionGerman Version Available From GFA.NET See Links Page
BCOPY41.ZIP (247kb) File Utility For Copying, Moving, Deleting, Renaming Files: Help File Included.Updated 6/17/98 with Menu, Tool bar, Wave in .RES file. Also includes a new HTML help file..... English Version Modified 12/30/98
WFED.ZIP (380kb) WIndows File Editor by Bev Brown. The GFW Source Code Is Included In Zip.See CLONE For Contact Info..Minor error corrected Modified 07/09/98 English Version
SYSINFO.ZIP (317kb) System Information by Bev Browm: More Than You Ever Wanted To Know..Bev has added some routines. Modified 10/02/98 English Version
BBARMENU.ZIP (12kb) Demo Program Showing How To Use CONTROL To Create Buttons For A Menu..This is a demo only..... English Version
SEARCHER.ZIP (52kb) A Windows .HLP File Viewing Utility: Source Code Included In All ZIP Files.. Just a demo but some might find it useful. English Version
BUBBLHLP.ZIP (33kb) A Demo Showing How To Make Bubble Help For Your Gfa Windows Programs. Source Code Is Included. By Roland Walter English Version
STRIPPER.ZIP (62kb) Strips Blank Lines From ASCII Files Including GFA .LST, QBasic .BAS, Pascal .PAS And .DOC Files English Version
TOTD.ZIP (46kb) Tip Of The Day For Your GFW Programs. GFW Code Included. By Peter Klasen English Version Contact Pete Klasen
REMOVER.ZIP (77kb) Strips REM Lines From ASCII Files Including GFA .LST Files. Source & .EXE Included. by Dale Bryant English Version
WEBFIND.ZIP (347kb) Store Thousands Of Web & Email Addresses. Needs GFADLL4 To Run Correctly. (See Above) Source & .EXE Included.Updated Copy (01/11/98). by Bev Brown English Version
LASTFILE.ZIP (5kb)Demo of storing the last four files selected in menu slots. Uses an .INI file. by Bev Brown and Dale Bryant English Version
PVIEWER.ZIP (5kb)Loads and displays .BMP, JPG, GIF and more. You will love this one sent to me by Tom Record. The NVIEW16.DLL is included don't miss this one! English Version
CALLHTML.ZIP (183kb) Demo On Calling The New Microsoft HTML Help Files from GFA Basic. . Includes Microsoft Display Engine .. Now choice of tips display on start up Minor Modifications 09/28/98> English Version
CURMANIA..ZIP (60kb) Demo On Loading and Displaying Cursors From A .RES File. Multiple Cursors, Menu, Bitmap, Wave,String table all in RES File. RES and EXE Included. ..(06/26/98) 06/27/98English Version
SYSINF32.ZIP (530kb) You have seen some of this in commercial programs. This covers it all, from memory to DLL s'. By Bev Brown. (see CLONE for Contact Info). 07/24/98English Version
FILES.ZIP (1.7kb) WIN API File operations. _lopen, _lclose, ect. Great learning tool from Christoph Muller. Contact Chris English Version
TOLMEN22.ZIP (37kb) Here is a new version of the GFA Basic ToolMenu (ver 2.2) for Win95/NT. If You don't know what it does: 1.( Copy the program (GFA.EXE) into the home directory of the GFA Editor. 2.) Start GFA.EXE Now GFA.EXE will start the normal GFA Editor and add a new "Tools" menu entry to the main menu. This Menu You can fill by yourself with tool programs, help files and so on.Initially the menu contains the entry "Configuration" only. Click at this and a Dialog will open where you can tell which programs/files you like to add to the Tool menu. It is possible to change the order of the entries at a later time: You simply can drag the desired entries by mouse in the list box to the desired new position. O.K., Version 2.2 is a bug fix only. I hope that the GFA Extension Tool now will run together with the ToolMenu.The ToolMenu is Freeware. ..Roland Walter .( This is one you don't want to miss) Contact Roland (07/22/98)English Version
TEXTSRCH.ZIP (47kb) I transposed this great utility by Roland Walter from Deutsch to English. This is a great utility! You know that you have seen the command LB_GETCURSEL but forgot exactly how to use it. This utility will search all .LST files in a chosen directory and its sub directories for the command that you wish to search for. This one should convince you that your programs are not only 'Saved' to disk but that a .LST version is 'Written' out as well. Thanks Roland for sharing it and please be kind about the translation. Contact Roland Posted (08/01/98)08/31/98English Version
TEXTSUCH.ZIP (29kb) by Roland Walter. Deutsch version. See TEXTSRCH above for explanation. Contact Roland Posted (08/31/98)Deutsch Version
WAVEUTIL.ZIP (11kb) A wave file utility by Harald Bonsel. Translated from Deutsch. Contact Harald Posted (08/02/98)English Version
WAVETEST.ZIP (62kb) A nice .WAV file Demo . .RES & .DLL included in the ZIP file. The .WAV sounds are compiled into the .EXE file by Roland Walter. Translated from Deutsch. Roland has programmed some great utilities and is the author of TOOLMENU for the GFA BASIC Editor. Download TOLMEN22.ZIP for version 2.2 of TOOLMENU. Contact Roland Posted (08/03/98)English Version
SHUTDOWN.ZIP (22kb) When programming DLLs' do you have problems freeing them from memory? ShutDown by Roland Walter is just the utility you need. When executed ShutDown shows a list of all active modules. Select the one you are having problems with and select Shut Down. Now you can go on with your programming.. Contact Roland WalterPosted (08/08/98)English VersionDeutsch version availble from Roland Walters' Home Page : See Links Page
ENCODER.ZIP (36kb) Encode is a demo of encoding and decoding information.The included DLL is by Stefan Wolf and the GFA BASIC code is by Roland Walter. Very interesting demo. Contact Roland Walter Posted (08/09/98)English Version
RECINDX.ZIP (284kb) Recipe Indexing program by Bev Brown.. Let us prepare the table for a sumptuous repast! This stores lots of recipe information Contact Bev Brown Posted (08/23/98)08/27/98 English Version
LBB.ZIP (270kb) Address and Phone data base. Holds many records. This one will even dial the phone number for you if you are that lazy(G) . Another from the one-a-day Bev Brown. Contact Bev Brown New .PHN file Modification 08/28/98 English Version
EMAILIT.ZIP (758bytes) Code for sending EMAIL from within a GFA program. No Runtime DLL needed. Uses SHELL.DLL ONLY! Also In GFAWHELP. From Sven Thomas. Administrator of GFA.NET Contact Sven Thomas Posted (08/28/98)English VersionGerman Comments
WEBIT.ZIP (748bytes) Code for loading and displaying a Web page from within a GFA program. No Runtime DLL needed. Uses SHELL.DLL ONLY! Also In GFAWHELP. From Sven Thomas. Administrator of GFA.NET Contact Sven Thomas Posted (08/28/98) English VersionGerman Comments
UUCODE.ZIP (6870bytes) UUENCODE and UUDECODE direct from GFA. Try This One! Recieved from Sven Thomas. Administrator of GFA.NET Contact Sven Thomas Posted (08/30/98) English CommentsAlso German Comments
MAG_INDX.ZIP (303kb) Magazine Data Filing program. Holds 10,000 records with lots of information. Also would be great for Books. Another from the one-a-day Bev Brown. Source code is always included on all files from this site. Contact Bev Brown (09/03/98) English Comments
LONGDIR.ZIP (668bytes) Example code to create a Folder (DIR) with a Long Name. (i.e. Test directory) using INTR $21. By Roland Walter Contact Roland Walter Posted (09/01/98) English Version
DEANSLIB.ZIP (46kb) This is a library of functions and procedures for manipulating editboxes, listboxes, comboboxes and disk files more easily. They work, in essence, like extra commands for GFA. Additional functions deal with string handling and special-purpose windows such as password dialogs. This code is in the Public Domain and is freeware. Instructions are in Write .WRI and Word .DOC files. Great DLL library from Dean Hodgson with demo program and document files included. Contact Dean Hodgson Posted (09/05/98) English Version
TSKBICON.ZIP (5,620b) Demo that shows how to put a icon on the Windows Task Bar. Sent by Patrik Battig from Thailand. Patrik is very knowledgeable in the C language and helped me convert some of the C API calls to GFA. Contact Patrik Battig Posted (09/06/98) English Version
META.ZIP (2kb) Includes a Demo meta programs that shows how to handle meta files Sent by Brent Deck. You can Contact Brent Deck Posted (09/06/98) English Version
TMMT119.ZIP (92kb) TMMT - The Multimedia-Tool 1.19 FREEWARE 1996/7 - a very-easy-to-use multimedia-player for avi, mid and wav - (small!) database engine - scans drives _very quick_ recursively for multimedia-files. Uses no libraries .This one does it all. Display Bitmaps, Gifs, .PCX. and More!. Works great! You can Contact Joe Hurst Posted (09/07/98) English Version
PRIVED12.ZIP (16kb) PRIVATE EDITOR 1.2 English version Sept 1998. Crypting text editor by Sven Kumlin. Torslanda, Sweden. Encryption with the Triple-DES algorithm (Des3.DLL) by Stefan Wolf,' Gartenstr 22, D-61449 Steinbach/Ts, Germany. The FUNCTIONs at the end' of this listing are originally written by Roland Walter, Schönhauser ' Allee 64, D-10437 Berlin. You can Contact Sven Kumlin Posted (09/07/98) English Version
CARD7SS.ZIP (1,162kb) This program is designed to run reasonably neatly on various kinds of PC's regardless of the colors, screen sizes and CPU speeds as long as the machine is operated on Windows 3.10 or later, including compatible mode of other OS's. I am releasing the whole program code and related resources for those who are ambitious and dare to have a big byte that could be more than you can chew. I will gladly give explanations when necessary. The whole program is written in a way that could be understood by programmers in conventional 8 bit BASIC practices. (FanTan Card Game) (If you don't download this just to study the source you will be missing a great learning tool and a fun program.) Programmed by You-Long (Takashi Toyoda) Includes both English and Japanesse Winhelp files. You can Contact Contact Takashi Toyoda Posted (09/14/98) English Version
GRIDDEMO.ZIP (92kb) A great demo by Patrik Bullman. This one has some great GFAW code in it. Be sure and check it out! You can Contact Patrik Bullman Posted (09/15/98) English Version
CTRLTOOL.ZIP (1,234kb) Multiple programs and demos by Eberhard Funck from Hildesheim, Germany. Includes .DLL files with source, demos with source and a whole lot more. There are some very nice programs in this archive. If you have questions about any of the routines. You can Contact Eberhard Funck Posted (09/17/98) English VersionPDF Help File In Deutsch
CTRLHELP.ZIP (169kb) This is an English Winhelp version of the German .PDF documentation contained in the CTRLTOOL program by Eberhard Funck. I had to translate the .PDF to an .RTF and then compile it as a Winhelp 3.x .HLP file. I used a computer language translator by SYSTRAN. No translator is perfect but I think you will find it understandable. Dale Bryant......( You only need this if you download CTRLTOOL.ZIP and you do not read German.) Posted (09/17/98) English Version Winhelp 3.x .HLP file for CTRLTOOL.ZIP
FONTSHO2.ZIP (2,059b) FONTSHO2 will display all the fonts on your computer and then give you the option of also printing them .. Contributed by John Kanold Thanks John. Very Nice. Contact John Kanold (10/15/98)English
FORMTEXT.ZIP (38kb)FORMTEXT presents a way for you to include short help files within your application. FORMTEXT uses commands similiar to HTML but not HTML. FORMTEXT reads files with the extension of .RTM (Rolands Markup Language or Read The Manual) The .RTM files are created easily in a text editor such as Notepad. Contact..Roland Walter (10/18/98)English Comments
WAC.ZIP (295kb)WAC - Windows Arc Converter. It includes a separate compressed file of the files used by the program to do the actual compression. I even threw in some extra files I have found useful to split up files across disks. File paths are set in WAC.INI. A really good compression file converter by Bev Brown. Also uses COMPRESS.ZIP (Below) Contact..Bev Brown (10/19/98)English Comments
COMPRESS.ZIP (961kb)COMPRESS is used by the Windows Arc Converter. COMPRESS contains all the compression programs known to man and of course to Bev Brown. WAC.INI sets the path for The Windows Arc Converter You can load WAC.INI into a text editor and set the drive and path that you desire. Contact..Bev Brown (10/19/98)English Comments
METAMIN3.ZIP (10362b)METAMIN3 by Brent Deck is a very good example on handling meta files. Lots to learn from this one Contact..Brent Deck (10/19/98)English Comments
DATEINP.ZIP (4506b)DATEINP by Sven Kumlin is an interesting date input routine. Easy to add code into a program. Contact..Sven Kumlin (10/19/98)English Comments
HANGUP.ZIP (2395b)HANGUP by Brent Deck. This code will hang up your modem on COM ports 1 through 4. Contact..Brent Beck (11/01/98)English Comments
RITEADLL.ZIP (2464b)RITEADLL by Bev Brown. Writing Your first Dll Library or Is that all there is to it?. Contact..Bev Brown (12/23/98)English Comments
CALLPDF.ZIP (97kb) CALLPDF by Dale Bryant Demo for calling an ADOBE ACROBAT .PDF file from GFA. Please read included text file. See Help files for more information. Contact..Dale Bryant (12/28/98)English Comments
ABOUTDEM.ZIP (4459b) Demo on changing bitmaps in a dialog box while it is still displayed. Tom Record made this final version. Very nice.. Contact..Tom Record (12/28/98)English Comments
MYOWNSUB.ZIP (237kb) You probably don't want to miss this one. Ulrich Becker has written a .DLL that is really nice. The .ZIP contains the GFA-W code for calling all the .dll supported routines.. Two help files, one in Duetsch and one in English Very nice..I need Mr Beckers email address! Contact.. (01/08/99)Help In EnglishHelp In Deutsch
VTOOLSD.ZIP (478kb) There is so much offered in this zip file I cannot even begin to describe it all. Let me say, if you want to learn some great GFA-W code do not miss this one. Commands and Help file in Deutsch . By Georg Veichtlbauer Includes Library Files and a SETUP program. Note: VTOOLS is the main program module. Run VTOOLS. which will call the other .EXE modules. Do the same for the English Version Below. Contact..Georg (01/13/99)Help In Deutsch 03/14/99
VTOOLSE.ZIP (469kb) The same as VTOOLSD.ZIP but commands and help file translated to English.. Georg did a lot of work to present an English copy. Includes Library Files. Also includes Set Up program. By Georg Veichtlbauer Contact..Georg (02/20/99)Help In English 03/14/99
CTRL.ZIP (313kb) Custom Controls by John Findlay. Includes source code, .RES file, .DLL and a .DOC file. There is a lot to be learned from this one. A great learning tool. Contact..John Findlay (01/27/99)John Findlay
 England 05/15/99
DISKAPI.ZIP (6kb) Dean Hodgson has written some amazing disk file routines... These functions use Windows API calls for disk file I/O. The functions are especially designed for use in a network environment where files are shared by many users. Files are essentially random access with fixed-length records. A great learning tool. Document WRI file included. Contact..Dean Hodgson (01/27/99)Help In English
METAPLBL.ZIP (25kb) Brent Deck shows us how to handle placeable meta files. This program creates a simple GFA metafile on disk. It then reloads the simple metafile from disk and resaves it as a placeable metafile. Then it allows the user to use the file selector to load and view any simple or placeable metafile, including files greater than 64K in length. Unless a metafile has the placeable header, it cannot be used by most other programs. Note that ESCAPEMENT determines the angle of text in GFA, but ORIENTATION determines the angle in some other programs which load the placeable file. (Win 3.1) In order to have angled text in both GFA and other programs, both ESCAPEMENT and ORIENTATION are set here. This does not conform to WIN API docs. . A great learning tool. s Contact..-Brent Deck (01/27/99)Help In English
BIGFILE.ZIP (2,153b) Roland Walter shows us how to use the KERNEL.DLL to copy huge files. Just since Windows 3.1 there are some API functions for easy handling files ' bigger then 64KB, 'You simply have to use them. This example program copys a file which can be 'so big if You have enough memory. 'If You want to make changes in a part of the memory block it is important not to forget 'we have to work with Segment+Offset addresses. The GFA Basic functions _HUGE can help 'to handle this problem relatively simple. [ed] This routine is extremely fast. Contact..-Roland Walter (01/27/99)Help In English
HUGE.ZIP (36,327b) Brent Deck and John Findlay present some routines useing _HUGE. There is a wealth of knowledge to be aquired here. Study!. Study!, Study! .Test this Saturday. (01/27/99)Help In English
GIFLOAD.ZIP (25Kb) John Findlay has sent a fantastic program on loading .GIF files with GFA BASIC. No .DLL used, just GFW code. Don't forget to read the .WRI file that is included. This is what makes it all so great! UPDATE!!! Now loads Interlaced Gifs. Thanks John! (02/28/99)Help In English 03/16/99
BOOTLOG.ZIP (3Kb)This little tool displays modules which failed to load during the start of Windows. If you want to make changes or improvements, please notify me! (c) 1999 Georg Veichtlbauer. See Boigraphies for email address. (03/09/99)Help In English
EXPORTS2.ZIP (17Kb) An enhanced version of EXPORT by Roland Walter.. Tom Record added some routines and it is nice! (03/22/99)Help In English
RICHEDIT.ZIP (232Kb) An .RTF file display utility by Eberhard Funck. Needs RICHED.DLL which is available below as RICHDLL.ZIP. (04/12/99)Help In English
RTFHELP.ZIP (109Kb) A program help utility utilizing Rich Text Format (.RTF) files by John Findlay. This one really fasinates me. Needs RICHEDIT.DLL which is available below as RICHDLL.ZIP. (04/12/99)Help In English
RICHDLL.ZIP (129Kb) The RICHEDIT.DLL by Microsoft. Used for displaying Rich Text Format (RTF) files using GFA BASIC. This DLL is used by RICHEDIT and also by RTFHELP. RICHEDIT is by Eberhard Funck and RTFHELP is by John Findlay. Don't miss them!! (04/12/99)Help In English
WILDCARD.ZIP (39Kb)Wild card searching by Joe Hurst. Find all occurrences of your search phrase. Very Nice (04/24/99)Help In English
WRAPTXT6.ZIP (6,139Kb)A text wrapping demo by Brent Deck. Stand back and watch her roll! Very Nice (05/02/99)Help In English
RTMEDIT.ZIP (74Kb)An Editor by Tom Record for creating .RTM files for Roland Walters' FORMTEXT application. Give it a try. I like it! (05/01/99)Help In English
JPE.ZIP (1,247Kb)Joeys' Personal File Editor. Programmed by Joe Hurst. Joe also programmed the BBOX series. This program just does too much for me to describe. Download and see for yourself NOTE:If the menu appears in german, just do the following : select "Einstellungen\Englisch aktivieren" from the german menu - from now on, everything _should_ be in English... (05/11/99)Help In Deutsch
PROCVIEW.ZIP (9,029b)Process Viewer, by Michael Weigand, shows all processes that are active on your computer when it is executed.This may be useful when you're browsing the web and you want to get rid of those annoying browser windows that pop up from time to time with advertising, sponsor messages and so on... Unwanted windows can be stored in a list file. Just double click with the right mouse button on the name of the window in the small window and the name of the window will be added to the file. The file AutClose.LST can be edited with Notepad, but make sure that it ends with carriage return/new line. Keep in mind that with this version hidden files stay in the memory until the application (Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator) gets closed! Please send me an e-mail, if you find a way to close the windows rather than just hiding them: Very nice!!. (05/13/99)New Download09/28/99
COMCOLOR.ZIP (2,384b)COMBOBOX color selection. Select a diplayed color and it returns the RGB color values. By Russell Hayward. (05/13/99)New Download
OSUBSRCE.ZIP (151kb)This is the source code for the MYOWNSUB.DLL by Ulrich Becker. If you make any changes will you please send to me so that I can make them avavilable to all. (05/14/99)New Download
BAPIDLL.ZIP (102kb)This .DLL is somewhat like the OWNSUB.DLL. Many calling routines are included in the ZIP file. Includes Windows help file in Deutsche. (05/14/99)New Download Help File in Deutsche
MIDI.ZIP (49kb)From John Findlay. Uses MIDIGFA.DLL. John even Included the Midigfa.dll source code. The .ZIP contains Midigfa.dll, Midigfa.gfw, Playsong.exe and playsong.gfw. (05/14/99)New Download Comments In English
NEWDLG32.ZIP (17kb)From John FIndlay. Win32 dialogs are displayed with this code by using the Com32gfa.Lib which should be included with this listing. The library is written in 32 bit C code and it's not included. If you want it I'll send the C code and header. This listing will not run on Win3.x (06/01/99)New Download Comments In English
DLGANI.ZIP (196kb)From Eberhard Funck. Eberhard has done it again. Written in GFA BASIC, DLGANI loads and displays animated cursors. A really fun program and one you don't want to miss. .EXE and GFA source code are included in the .zip file. Also includes some animated cursors. Put all files in same directory. (07/24/99)New Download Revised 07/26/99 Comments In English
NOTES.ZIP (21kb)NOTES is a small handy program for posting some notes to yourself. Notes uses an .INI file to store your notes. From Russell Hayward. (07/24/99)Revised 08/02/99 Comments In English
FLATBTN.ZIP (11kb)FLATBTN (Flat Buttons) is code to make flat clickable buttons for your appliciation. Russell wrote the code so you can merge it into your own application. From Russell Hayward. (08/07/99) Comments In English
MIME.ZIP (2,367b)MIME is a demo uf a MIME encoding/decoding function. This demo by Joe Hurst. (08/07/99) Comments In English
MEGASCRL.ZIP (25,715b)MEGASCROLL is a scrolling demo for large text files. A lot to learn here. By Eberhard Funck. (08/12/99) Comments In English
DRAGBMPL.ZIP (40,599b)DRAGBMP, by John Findlay, is a very nice demo on how to drag a bitmap with the mouse (08/19/99) Comments In English
VID_VIEW.ZIP (9,787b)VID_VIEW, by Ulli Stemmeler, is a very nice demo on how to play .avi, .mov and mpg files. Vid_VIEW Creates an .INI file that is pertinent to YOUR hard disk only! Do not distribute your .INI file with Source. Source Code is included! (09/13/99) Revised 09/13/99 Comments In English
CALCULTR.ZIP (59kb)CALCULTR, by Markus Kuntner, is a very nice calculator demo. Has many features. Source Code is included! (09/09/99) New version includes both German/English Help files. Comments In Deutsche Revised 03/07/00
MIDMETER.ZIP (65kb)MIdi demo with the best looking meters you have ever seen. by Engelbert van Loock.Has many features. Source Code is included! (09/09/99) Comments In English
DISKTOOL.ZIP (19kb)By Wilhelm Bueckmann A progmanning tool for examimg a floopy disk. Source Code is included! (09/11/99) Comments In English
PROGSTAT.ZIP (134kb)By Tom Record. Some good code in thi one. Good study routines. (10/09/99) Comments In English
VIEWER.ZIP (142,211b)By Dale Bryant. Viewer will display .GFW,.LST,.BAK,.RTF,.WRI,.TXT,.ICO,.BMP files(10/09/99) One of my first programs. Comments In English
SUZIEQ.ZIP (23,219b)By Tom Record. Demo of an animated bitmap file. ADULT! (10/10/99) Comments In English
RICHTEST.ZIP (13,749b)By Roland Walter. Demo of Richtext editor. (10/29/99) Roland says it will updated. Needs RICHEDIT.DLL . Available here as a download. (see above) Comments In English
DIMGEN.ZIP (6kb)By Afonso Martins. Build 0.03. Converting a GFW .lst file to a GB32 file. (12/12/99) An In-Process application. All invited to participate. Comments In English
DLLCODE.ZIP (134kb)By Bev Brown. (01/20/99) A collection of routines. Includes routines from Bevs' GFADLL4.DLL. 01/12/99 Added two dll libraries Comments In English011/20/2000
NEWDLG32.ZIP (17kb)From John FIndlay. Win32 dialogs are displayed with this code by using the Com32gfa.Lib which should be included with this listing. The library is written in 32 bit C code and it's not included. If you want it I'll send the C code and header. This listing will not run on Win3.x (06/01/99)New Download Comments In English
DRECTX16.ZIP (38kb)By Dave Wicker. (01/28/2000) DirectX demo by Russell Hayward. .DLL by John FIndlay. This is a good one. Comments In English01/28/2000
CODEC.ZIP (6kb)By Roland Walter/Tom Record. (02/03/2000) 'Compress bitmaps using Video for Windows '(C) Roland Walter, (October 1999)'One function is doing the complete compression. The rest of the code is an example of using this function only (compressing a bitmap file from disk to disk). Contact Roland Comments In English02/03/2000
NEWBMP.ZIP (3kb)Here is a working codec-compressed display. This will actually display almost *any* *.bmp... odd colordepth is blocked for some reason. The codecs won't display 24, 32, 64, or 128 color images. 1-bit is OK under some circumstances, otherwise, the images must be semi-standard. 16 colors, 256 colors, 16-bit & 24-bit. There is an indication that 32-bit *may* display &/or compress but I don't have any & can't make any. 32-bit is a feature of Win98. *This* display can be associated with *.bmp & when compiled and will display the images by double-clicking on them. This particular version doesn't allow selection beyond the first one... you must run it again for each image. Sorry, I'm lazy & just haven't added that feature. I use a copy of this one simply to check images for size & whether or not they have been compressed. English Version
HISPEAK.ZIP (2kb)By Roland Walter. (02/07/2000) In attachement You will find an example listing which shows how to use the PC's internal speaker by direct hardware access. The listing is also a good example how to use the high resolution programmable interval timer which has a minimum resolution of 1.19MHz = 83,8 Nanoseconds (!!!). Comments In English02/03/2000
MARKMIDI.ZIP (253kb)By Mark Feaver. (02/08/2000) Mark Feaver is the midi guru of GFA BASIC. Download this and see how midi should be played. Contact Mark Comments In English02/07/2000
ORGANIZE.ZIP (318kb)By Peter Sejfried. (02/09/2000)Peter Says Get Organized! Very nicely done and you need it! Be sure and watch for other programs by Peter.. Comments In English02/11/2000
SCREENER.ZIP (119kb)By Peter Sejfried. (02/12/2000)Peter does it again. Want to change that logon/logoff screens. Screener will do it for you. Some screens included. Many more available. Send email to and I will send them to you.Comments In English02/11/2000
MINIJPG.ZIP (98kb)By Roland Walter / Tom Record (02/17/2000) Hey! Interested in your *.exe containing *.jpg images & a means of reading them... w/o *.dlls? Or... would you like a tiny *.jpg *.dll? Courtesy of Roland Walter. Tom Record - Included is a means of reading a *.jpg into an *.rc file, which has to be compiled into a *.res file by a resource compiler. *This* one is from *me* to you. I'm having to debug a multi-*.jpg version, but it will be forthcoming soon. In the meantime, generate an *.rc for each image, then append one to another with 2 empty lines between & correct the image IDs for the 2nd on to the last. Comments In English02/17/2000
RCGEN07.ZIP (2kb)By Tom Record (02/20/2000) Tom gives us an .RC generator that can be compiled in a .RES file with a resource compiler. Just select what you want in the .RC. Bmp, Jpg, Gif. Works very well. Comments In English02/20/2000
LITE018.ZIP (90kb)By Tom Record. (03/10/2000) Tom shows us how to lighthen grapic Images. Handles most formats. Very Nice. Also now will darken an image. This is very nice! Comments In English03/19/2000
GRAPHMID.ZIP (11kb)By Franz-Xaver.Schweigerr.. (03/15/2000) Switches the display area between 2 bitmaps and plays a midi file in the background. I love it! Also includes two other routines. Comments In English03/15/2000
LOGOS.ZIP (3kb)By Tom Record ' What does it do ??' Allows the displaying of all those Windows Logos. Boot, Shutdown, etc. Comments In English03/22/2000
SYSCODE2.ZIP (1kb) I enlcose the following example program in .LST format for contribution. It is a short example of conversion from Atari V 3.5 To Windows V 4.38. ' SYCODELA2 COPYRIGHT © 1992-2000 ALLAN SHURA All rights reserved Comments In English04/18/2000
TIM234.ZIP (26kb) By Wolfgang Schindler. Nice clock program. Did you know it was that late? Comments In English04/24/2000
By Tom Record. 
 A multi-image *.exe/*.scr kit using Rolands's minijpeg.lib & a *.res file!
Contains: minijpeg.lib - Loads *.jpg images for display
rc-gen22.lst - Generates *.rc file for Borland to compile to *.res
The *.rc includes versinfo acceptable to Borland
exe-scr.lst - Writes *.exe or *.scr, $LNKs in minijpeg.lib & *.res
Keyboard & mouse input-aware - shuts down on either
Crude, but beginning to be noticed by the outside world!
Some nice routines by Tom. Includes MINIJPG.LIB. Check it out!!
Comments In English05/12/2000
By David Wicker 
SPRXAMPL.LST . Graphic sprite example, sprites
SERIAL.LST . . Serial Culler will extract harddrive ID
RUBBROOM.LST . Good use and explanation of RUBBERBOX
QUICK.LST . . Non-conventional ways of plotting pixels
LIGHTNER.LST . Easy demonstration in lightening pixels
HOTKEYS.LST . Retrieve values from GETKEYSTATE
CRYSWAVE.LST . My 1st program, very graphic & beautiful
CATHEDRL.LST . Easy coding showing trajectory pixels
MYRBOX.LST . . My Round Boxes to replace RBox and PRBox
SPACTRAV.LST . Space Traveller TRUE 3-D Screen-Saver
Comments In English05/17/2000
RCGEN24.ZIP (5kb) By Tom Record You select an image format to include in an *.rc file.You give the new *.rc file a name of 8 char or less...This appl will include ALL images of that format in the dir you sent it to. It then tells you how many of what it will include.See readme file in zip for directions Comments In English05/24/2000
LINKFILE.ZIP (1744b) By Tom Record. Here's a means of writing your own *.lnk FILES for the DOS linker. Comments In English05/24/2000
MINISCNW.ZIP (407Kb) By Bev Brown. The Windows version of Bevs MiniScan. Has some great utilities included. Comments In English06/09/2000
STRIPJPG.ZIP (4Kb) By Tom Record. Suite of 4 routines usefull for making a 640x480 (can be changed) 24-bit *.bmp into 24 strips 640x20 (can be changed) *.jpg using nview16.dll. Original *.bmp MUST BE 24-bit or the *.dll goes nuts! The *.dll is NOT included here. NOTE: The NVIEW16.DLL is included in the file PVIEWER available for download on this page. Comments In English06/13/2000
SCREFX1.ZIP (4Kb) By Tom Record. I think this will be my last go-round. Aimed at the beginning programmer who wants to play with screensavers. This sample covers only 8 slide effects & if compiled, will make only an *.exe.
8 basic slide effects for screensavers, etc.  Mouse & keyboard reactive.
1) left to right
2) top left to bottom right
3) top down
4) top right to bottom left
5) right to left
6) bottom right to top left
7) bottom up
8) bottom left to top right
Timing is set to 1/10 sec, each move. Only 8) actually has an offset in it - can be adjusted to start in corner or end in corner. All even numbered efxs can be offset for better Display. You can really go wild with these! Image supplied, 640x480.bmp @ 8-bit is ultra-generic, should offend NO ONE! Loops can be added in each routine to accomodate small images. I used only one in this sample to make things easier. It will shut itself off after one full cycle of the effects. A GOTO can make it recycle, or the whole thing can be rewritten to make the accomodation.
Comments In English06/15/2000

GFA DOS File DownLoad Area

GFA Note
GFADOS1.ZIP (34kb) Twenty Six Useful GFA-DOS Routines In .LST Format. By Bev Brown. See CLONE.ZIP For Contact Information
EDITOR40.ZIP (108kb) GFA_DOS Text Editor With Lots Of Utilities Included In The .ZIP Written By Bev Brown. See CLONE.ZIP For Contact Information
DOSUTILS.ZIP (349kb) GFA-DOS Utilities Written By Bev Brown. See CLONE.ZIP For Contact Information. Some Good Stuff Here
STED.ZIP (107kb) GFA-DOS Simple Text Editor Written By Bev Brown. See CLONE.ZIP For Contact Information.
PHONE.ZIP (134kb) GFA-DOS Phone Number Data Base Program With Menu Messages By Dale Bryant. See GFAWHELP.ZIP For Contact Information.
RCPIDX33.ZIP (90kb) Recipe Data Base Program By Bev Brown. You Are What You Eat!
MINISCAN.ZIP (106kb) Miniscan was originally written for the Atari 8-bit, then the ST as disk/file/memory editors. This DOS version contains the memory section the Window's version does not. Scanner, which includes things such as a formatter, many disk utilities & an editor instead of a viewer, will come later. Miniscan has only been tested with DOS 5 & 6. *Another great utility by Bev Brown (07/23/98)
SCANNER.ZIP (2040kb) SCANNER (DOS)'s main reason for being is that it is a multi-purpose EDITOR; it consists of 28 executable programs (see below); it was written this way so that there would be as much free memory as possible when running any one section (the dummies that decided there should only be 640K of working memory should be strung up); anyways, the Windows version won't have this problem. Sorry! this was written before Win95 & 32-bit FATs; while it seems to work out of 95 alright, it does not recognize drives with 32-bit FATs. Editors - Memory - File - Disk Utilities - System - File - Disk - Sector - Convert..It will even zip stuff if PKZIP/UNZIP/ZIP2EXE are available. .. Another great utility by Bev Brown (07/31/98)
COLPRINT.ZIP (81kb) Here's one for DOS called Column Printer; it allows you to control the printing of any ASCII-file (txt., lst etc -- in other words a GFA-listing) allowing up to 4 columns, 160 characters to a line & either 66 or 88 lines per page. It is a DOS program but can be run from Windows (PIF file included). I'm about to attempt a Windows version but it will have to be setup completely different because the DOS version uses LPRINT which is not recognized by Windows. .. Another great utility by Bev Brown (09/23/98)English
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