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I keep getting questions on how to buy the new GFA-BASIC 32. Below is the information. Although the English documentation is not yet available it will be supplied to you at no charge if you buy the German Version. The editor has the option of being set to German or English.
From GFA Software Technologies.
Version 2 Has Been Released: The following is a press release from Gfa Software Technologies
Dear Mr. Bryant,

In the following the news for GB32 version 2.0 

Please pay attention, many  changes have been made.


Dieter Schmitz


GFA Announcement: GFA-BASIC 32 v2.0 Release

GFA Software Technologies is pleased to announce the new release
of version 2.0 of the famous GFA-BASIC 32 programming language.
This major update introduces long awaited features for the modern

One of the most exciting new features is the built-in database engine.
CodeBase, from our technology partner Sequiter, is a high-Speed xBase
compatible database engine that's small, easy-to-use and portable.
Use the database engine to write extremely high performance database
applications. Query a million record table in 0.49 seconds; read 
250,000 records in 0.78 seconds; append 10,000 records in 0.65 seconds.
It's lightning fast! Create extremely large databases, up to millions
of terabytes in size! 

The database engine fits perfectly into GFA-BASIC 32. It is designed
for developers who need maximum speed in their applications, using a
minimal amount of memory. The new database engine meets this need by
combining a small, fast database library (DLL) with an easy-to-use 
set of GB32 commands that integrates seamlessly with your code.

And it is even easy to deploy. Just add one DLL (there are three,
for FoxPro, dBASE and Clipper compatibility) to your Exe, and that's
all. The database engine is royalty-free for GB32 customers.

For easier maintenance of your GUI frontend the new GB32 v2.0 includes
easy-to-use control for TrayIcon, Animation and UpDown Ocxes. The
limitation regarding the number of forms and windows has been removed.
Use just as many forms as you need.

GB32 2.0 offers numerous enhancements, improvements and performance
boosts over the 1.xx versions. The command library has been enhanced
by several new commands for your daily use. Did you ever encounter 
problems while trying to access the registry? Now you can use 
GetSetting("\\hkcr\.g32", , "") to obtain the application linked
to a file extension. And write it the same way. A set of printer
related commands gives you full control in handling printers
installed on a user's system.
A powerful feature is the automatical handling of temporary files.
Now you can create unique temp files that will be created _and_
removed automatically at program's end.
All know bugs have been fixed.

A brand-new feature is GB32' support of modularizing your projects.
Since its first release GB32 Exe files can include an unlimited
number of :Files, giving you the availability to deploy only a
very limited number of files instead of being forced to distribute
douzends of them. This unique feature helps you maintaining small
and easy-to-use distributions.
The new libraries, called LG32 in GFA-BASIC 32, do the same with
your source code. If you want to re-utilize and modularize your
source code you can now split a project into several modules and
include/combine them at coding time. 
The modules can contain an unlimited number of source code lines
and export variables, subs, functions, hashes, constants and arrays.
Only these parts that you want to be 'public known' will be exported
and made available to a calling project (which will use the simple
$Library statement to include a complete library). LG32 libraries
contain compiled GB32 machine code instructions so you can deploy
your libraries without the need to include the source code. The 
library mechanism is quite new and will constantly be enhanced by
adding further functionality.

German spoken GB32 user will benefit from the Win32 API Online 
documentation that includes more than 4.000 pages with know-how
regarding the Microsoft (R) Platform SDK. English spoken user
can directly address the Microsoft (R) Developer Network by

GB32 2.0 is the best version of GFA-BASIC 32 currently available
and we strongly recommend to upgrade since there will be no further
releases for the 1.xx versions. Future service packs will require
GB32 2.0.

GFA Software Technologies will continously support GFA-BASIC 32
and release service packs and future updates to ensure that you
can use your best Basic language on all major Windows systems.

The new version is available directly at GFA Software's Headquarter
in Germany for a small fee of DM 95.00 plus postage&shipping.

  GFA Software Technologies GmbH
  Postfach 100949 - 41009 Moenchengladbach
  Tel: +49 (0)700-3030 6060 - Fax: +49 (0)2161 4 38 25 -

GFA Software Technologies GmbH / GFA Software Technologies, Inc.
Mail/Post: Postfach 100949 - 41009 Moenchengladbach
Delivery address / Lieferadresse:
Volkgartenstrasse 85-89 - 41065 Moenchengladbach
Tel: +49 (0)700-3030 6060 - Fax: +49 (0)2161 4 38 25
(If (0)700 is not available in your country try +49 2161 43866) -

Dear user,

Thank you for your request for GFA-BASIC 32.

To order it please connect GFA Software Technologies Germany.
In the moment we only deliver the German documented version, 
only from Germany.

Our post address:

GFA Software Technologies GmbH

Volksgartenstrasse 85-89 Postbox 100 949

41065 Moenchengladbach 41009 Moenchengladbach

Germany Germany

Telephone: +49 - 2161 - 43866
Fax:    +49 - 2161 - 43825

Bank accound: Stadtsparkasse Moenchengladbach
account number: 485 318
Bank code (BLZ): 310 50000

And after finishing the English documentation, GFA-BASIC 32 
will be also available from our other distributors.

If you want to order now the German documented version, 
you can get the update with the English documentation later 
from an security area in the internet by using your special 
custumer number, the serial number, name, etc. free for 

To order GFA-BASIC 32 please use the form you'll find in the 
internet, or if you want to order in another way, we need the 
serial number, version of the specified GFA-BASIC version
you use actual. If we don't get this, we must request the 
price for a new licence of GFA-BASIC 32.

Our prices include 16% vat for software and 7% for books. 
We deliver to not EU countries automatically without the 
German VAT to EU states to private people with VAT. For 
firms in the EU we need their VAT number also (tax identi-
fication numer for the EU) to deliver without German VAT.

We kindly ask you to pay attention upon the following fact:
If possible please clear your account with a transfer to our 
bank account (fee of transfering it will be your part). Please 
don't forget the postage: DM 20 in Europe, DM 30 world wide)

Our account number is 485 318 at Stadtsparkasse 
Moenchengladbach eG, bank code (BLZ) 310 500 00.

When sending us a check, euro checks can be accepted without
charge only. Please keep in mind that personal checks cause 
additional clearing costs at our bank; costs which must be 
paid by you. If sending personal checks, please add 30.00 DM
to the invoice's amount. If you don't do we have to charge 
you with the clearing costs later on, but this would cause 
unnecessary expense for both of us.

We accept Eurocard/Mastercard, VISA card and Diners.

GFA Software Technologies GmbH

GFA Software Technologies GmbH / GFA Software Technologies, Inc.
Mail/Post: Postfach 100949 - 41009 Moenchengladbach
Delivery address / Lieferadresse:
Volkgartenstrasse 85-89 - 41065 Moenchengladbach
Tel: +49 (0)700-3030 6060 - Fax: +49 (0)2161 4 38 25
(If (0)700 is not available in your country try +49 2161 43866)
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