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Data Base Support

  • GFA Software Technologies is pleased to announce the new release of version 2.1 of the famous GFA-BASIC 32 programming language.

  • Built-in database engine.CodeBase, from our technology partner Sequiter

  • High-Speed xBase compatible database engine that's small, easy-to-use and portable.

  • Use the database engine to write extremely high performance database applications.

  • Query a million record table in 0.49 seconds

  • Read 250,000 records in 0.78 seconds

  • Append 10,000 records in 0.65 seconds. It's lightning fast!

  • Create extremely large databases, up to millions of terabytes in size!

  • Designed for developers who need maximum speed in their applications, using a minimal amount of Memory.

  • Combining a small, fast database library (DLL) with an easy-to-use set of GB32 commands

  • Just add one DLL (there are three, for FoxPro, dBASE and Clipper compatibility) to your Exe

  • The database engine is royalty-free for GB32 customers.

Easy To Use Controls:

  • GB32 v2.0 includes easy-to-use control for TrayIcon, Animation and UpDown Ocxes

  • No limitation regarding the number of forms and windows

  • Use just as many forms as you need!

  • GB32 2.0 offers numerous enhancements, improvements and performance boosts over the 1.xx versions.

  • The command library has been enhanced by several new commands for your use.

  • Did you ever encounter problems while trying to access the registry? Now you can use;

  • GetSetting("\\hkcr\.g32 ", , "") to obtain the application linked to a file extension.

  • And write it the same way.

  • A set of printer related commands gives you full control in handling printers installed on a user's system.

  • A powerful feature is the automatical handling of temporary files.

  • Now you can create unique temp files that will be created _and_removed automatically at program's end. project management

  • All known bugs have been fixed.

Library Capibilities:

  • A brand-new feature is GB32' support of modularizing your projects.

  • GB32 Exe files can include an unlimited number of :Files

  • Gives you the availability to deploy only a very limited number of files instead of being forced to distribute dozens of them.

  • This unique feature helps you maintaining small and easy-to-use distributions.

  • The new libraries, called LG32 in GFA-BASIC 32,can do the same with your source code.

  • You can now split a project into several modules and include/combine them at coding time.

  • The modules can contain an unlimited number of source code lines and export variables, subs, functions, hashes, constants and arrays.

  • Only these parts that you want to be 'publicly known' will be exported and made available to a calling project

  • Use the simple $Library statement to include a complete library.

  • LG32 libraries contain compiled GB32 machine code instructions so you can deploy your libraries without the need to include the source code.

  • The library mechanism is quite new and will constantly be enhanced by adding further functionality.

  • English speaking users can directly address the Microsoft (R) Developer Network by visiting .

Where To Buy It:

  • GFA Software Technologies will continously support GFA-BASIC 32 and release service packs and future updates to ensure that you can use your best Basic language on all major Windows systems.

  • Contact: GFA Software Technologies GmbH Postfach 100949 - 41009 Moenchengladbach Tel: +49 (0)700-3030 6060 - Fax: +49 (0)2161 4 38 25 -

  • GFA Software Technologies GmbH / GFA Software Technologies, Inc. Mail/Post: Postfach 100949 - 41009 Moenchengladbach Delivery address / Lieferadresse: Volkgartenstrasse 85-89 - 41065 Moenchengladbach

  • Tel: +49 (0)700-3030 6060 - Fax: +49 (0)2161 4 38 25 (If (0)700 is not available in your country try +49 2161 43866) -

  • Very Fast. Even in the Editor

  • Compiles to an .EXE

  • Current Version: GB32 2.2

  • Approximately 1.500 own commands with that known simple Basic-syntax

  • The most-used functions and constants of the Win32API are available as built-in commands; the declarations for further functions are included.

  • The whole palette of modern variable-types: Stand-in, single, honest, Short, Card, registers Int, bytes, Boolean, Large, Currency, Date, handle, string, String*len (solid length), Hash, Pointer (pointers, for example for interlinked cunnings), Variant

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