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Bev Brown
Canada.Canada Brown
Author Of GFADLL4.DLL and Clone. Numerous Utilities. Proficient In Both DOS And Windows Gfa Programming Wife Louise Brown says Someone Stop Him! Contact
John Findlay
United KindomUnited KingdomFindlay John informs me that his programming interest vary. Helpful to me as he points out errors in the GFAWHELP file. John is the author of GIFLOAD.ZIP which loads and displays interlaced and non-interlaced .gifs with no .DLL. You can find it on the files download page. You Can Email John Findlay
Sjouke Hamstra
Zeewolde.NetherlandsHamstra Author Of The Book 'Programming In GFA-BASIC For Windows'. One Of the Most Knowledgeable On GFA: Main Interest 1. GFA-Basic itself, its possibilities and limitations 2. Windows API Married with 2 Children and A Dog! Sjouke was the intermediary for GFA on CompuServe. Contact Sjouke Hanstra
Dale Bryant
CaliforniaUSABryant Started on the 8 bit Atari in 1982, then the Atari St. Both Windows and DOS. I like to write programs that store information. I started collecting GFA Window routines probably due to lack of knowledge on my part. GFAWHELP was created because I thought it would be helpful to beginning GFA programmers. Married with three grown children. You Can Email Dale Bryant
Joe Hurst
BBOX Series
Berlin&Germany Hurst Author of The BBOX Series, One Of The Great Learning Tools For Gfa Basic May Have The Number One Web Page For GFW Source Code See Link On Index Page : Contact Joe Hurst
Reuben Carlsen
SydneyAustralia Carlsen Areas Of Interest: Business App's Random Access Databases, ISAM BTree multi-segment fast indexes.Anything else to do with learning GFA For Windows 32 Bit GFA for Win 95 etc Contact Reuben Carlsen
Tom Record
Oklahoma.USA Record Areas Of Most Interest, Image Graphics, Not Draw/Paint.You can also find some GFA stuff here.:You Can Visit His Web Site Or You Can Email Tom Record
Eberhard Funck
HildesheimGermanyFunck Beginning with programming in GFA Basic for Atari ST in 1992. Two vears later with Turbo Pascal and C for DOS and GFA Basic for Windows I work as an engineer in the faktory "Blue Point" (BLAUPUNKT). My programming style in GFA Basic is like that of C, therefore I don't like to use the original GFA Basic function. I use only Windows API functions (I mean that's better). My best program is the CTRLTOOL.DLL. With this you can make, also under Windows 3.xx, a good Program surface in Windows 95 look. I love it, to make good grafical surfaces for good programms and to try programming with all new API-Functions. You Can Email Eberhard Funck
Dean Hodgson
South AustraliaAustralia Hodgson Database and educational applications, particularly in my field of library automation.The Book Mark Project  -- School Library Automation Software Department of Education, Training and Employment. Author and currently project manager of the Book Mark school library automation software system used by over 1300 schools in Australia (the #2 system in this country). Married With 4 Children. Originally From Seattle You Can Visit Deans Web Site You Can Email Dean Hodgson
Andy Magee
OhioUSA Magee I started programming on the Atari ST in 1986, and moved on to PCs in1992. I've written a number of engineering/physic simulations and fractal graphics programs. (One was published by the Materials Research Society in 1989.) I've published several engineering utilities with GFA for the flex circuit industry that are posted artists at\cmu I've just completed a utility to help teach watercolor about paint pigments and color mixing. My new web page includes several examples of my published GFA programs. (Don't Miss Mrs. Magees Delightful Web Page) Visit  His Web Site You Can Email Andy Magee
Roshan Sharma
Southren Methodist University
TexasUSASharma Roshan L. Sharma is an outstanding authority in telecommunications technology. He took an early retirement in 1984 after over thirty years of pioneering research. He was in the Rockwell International team that developed the first commercial modem and digital switches. He has over 100 publications and holds five U.S. Patents in the field. In 1981, Rockwell International awarded him the prestigious Leonardo da Vinci Silver Medallion for being selected as one of the Engineer of the Year. A high-profile lecturer and teacher, he has written three landmark books on networking, Network Systems (1982), Network Topology Optimization (1990) and Network Design Using EcoNets (1997). Currently he is an Adjunct Professor of Electrical Engineering at Southern Methodist University and the owner of an independent consultancy, Telecom Network Science. He can be contacted at 214-691-6790 or P.O. Box 822938, Dallas, TX 75382 His Web Site You Can Email Roshan Sharma
Russell Hayward
HertfordshireEnglandHayward My hobbies are programming (obviously), playing cricket and watching sport. I live in Hertfordshire, England and I hate database programs (especially the ones that pretend to be programming languages His Web Site You Can Email Russell Hayward
Georg Veichtlbauer
St. Georgen
SalzburgÖsterreichVeichtlbauer . Main programming interest -[data base / graphics / utilities/et.] :Utilities, Windows API, and everything related to C++ : Started programming in 1988 with an Amiga. Still developing some applications for it. Im currently studying electronic engineering and technical programming. You Can Email Georg Veichtlbauer
Thomas Gonschor
MarienheidegGermanyGonschor I am 29 years old, married since half a year and living in Germany. My Job is something between a system-administrator, a salesman, a teacher and a programmer and I am working in a hospital. In my leisure time I like to read a lot of science-magazines and I do a lot of sports like gymnastics, volleyball and beach volleyball. I also coach a team of young gymnasts. Furthermore I like to travel very much, my favorite countries are USA (Calinfornia, the Rocky-Mountains) and Ireland. I also like computergames and programming of course. You Can Email Thomas Gonschor
Thomas & Marlis Elfert
MarienheidegGermanyElfert I have been programming in GFA since 1988 (first on AMIGA) (Teleadress,Eti,Sample-Player,Mod-Player). Since 1992 GFA-Basic Pro for WINDOWS. I am programming some Tools for German like an Agenda, PTB (get and set time over DFÜ from the Physical-Technical Institute in Braunschweig for everyone), some Diagnostic-Tools for Elevators (DFÜ), Message-Center (SMS for D1,D2,e-plus and Text and numeric Messages for Citycall and Scall). His Web Site You Can Email Thomas Elfert
Rory Street
WesterhamEngland Street My name is Rory Street. I am 20 years old and am a programmer for a cosultancy firm in England. I started writing on the Atari 800XL then moved to the ST where I made programs for FTN Fidonet styles networks and BBS monitoring software. I write on both the ST and PC now in Java, Visual Basic, GFA Basic, C ++ and ASP. Rory Street - OS Integration plc Scimmitar(tm) - The Network Management Process His Web Site You Can Email Rory Street
John Kanold & Son Ross
OntarioCanadaKanold Programmer of Solkan Solitaire, a 15000 line shareware program I have worked on for about ten years. It was first written for GFA3.0 Atari ST. Ported to Windows in 1995. rated 5 stars by Now nearly 200 game types. full sound etc. It is a full working version and I feel it is the best solitaire package available and maybe the largest application ever written in GFA Basic. Also CAD/CAM programs - shareware, DXF to Funuc programs to drive stepper motors. Cyptogram game - shareware cricket scoreboard (talking dart scoreboard) - shareware on the Atari ST...ST drawing program. ST CAD program. ST full blown MIDI program.ST BBS bulletin board - with message boards and X-modem transfer His Web Site You Can Email John Kanold
Doyle Whisenant
Northren AlabamaUSAWhisenant I am 41 years old with a wife and 3 daughters. I have been married for 23 years and live in Northern Alabama. I am interested in graphic programming and programming small utility's for my own use. You Can Email Doyle Whisenant
Roberto OrioloSpainOriolo Musician, arrranger,composer, programming in GfaBasic since the old AtariST days, now tryng to translate my own MIDI routines from GfaBasic to GFAW. I would like to contact with other music/MIDI programmers (spanish, english, I can read french, italian, portuguese). I'm from Buenos Aires, Argentina, living in Spain since 1977. You Can Email Roberto Oriolo
Peter Harder
GermanyGermany The German Stock-Exchange-Software "DAXA-Chart" (, programming only with GFA-Basic.His Web Site You Can Email Peter Harder
Anthony Watson
WashingtonUSA I am married, with one daughter, and run my own software business out of our home in Camas, Washington. I was first introduced to GFA BASIC on the Atari ST, dabbled a bit with GFA on the Amiga, and now program exclusively with GFA 16 for Windows. My programs are available on my web site at, and you can email me at His Web Site You Can Email Anthony Watson
Steve Thornton
FloridaUSA My name Steve Thornton Sorrento, FL (USA) Main Interest: I maintain a business-oriented relational database in GFA Basic for Windows. I also maintain numerous individual client applications using this program and a picture/description directory program in cooperation with my wife and her plant business. I started out in 1980 as an 8-bit Atari developer, then progressed to the ST. In 1990 I switched to IBM-comatibles (DOS), and then to Windows in 1996, using GFA. My wife and I are "DINKS" (double-income, no kids). But we treat our two bichon frize dogs like they were our kids. My goal in life is to play with my computers and have people send me checks. Also, I've found "independent programmer" and "president" are the only two jobs you can do in your underwear. Steve is president of Micromiser Software. His Web Site You Can Email Steve Thornton
Markus Kuntner
AustriaAustria I wrote a prediction methode for environmental noise from industrial plants and parking places,an analysis program for sound-data from a sound-level-meter (connected on the serial port) and a couple of different little program tools (any in GFAWIN). I am an engineer for electronic and communication technic, like (mountain) biking, mountain climbing and cross-country-skiing. You Can Email Markus Kuntner
Kevin Scott
N. CarolinaUSA Mainly my programming interests have been primarily games, many of which I have written for Atari systems. Most notably was a game called 'Cops and Robbers that I wrote in GFA basic that was marketed by JV Software, Inc. I like many other GFA programmers had previously used Atari versions of GFA and then 'converted' over to the IBM world. Professionally I am a Foxpro/DBase Programmer, but I have written many IBM GFA programs also including a BMP editor, a Decent Screen Saver (freeware), a Chess/Othello type of game (which I haven't marketed yet), a Database Integrity Checker, and various smaller programs and DLLs.I am 32 years old and married happily for 8 years with no children. I have been programming since the TRS-80 and Atari 400 days and have programmed at least to some degree in just about every major programming language out there but mainly Basic and DBase type languages are my area of expertise. I currently work for a large corporation as a systems developer and do small projects on the side. Even though GFA isn't a big name in the programming industry I have yet to find another language that I like as well for writing games and small apps! His Photo You Can Email Kevin Scott
Karl-Werner Rieger
Kiel, GermanyGermany Karl-Werner Rieger 50 Years old, married,one daughter,some horses and cats, I once studied meteorology and now I am an engraver of moulds for casting tin figures. I come from Atari and changed to windows, because all my customers and friends do not have any Ataris. I began to write programs for windows since half a year. Most is standard and CAD.His Web Site You Can Email Karl-Werner Rieger
George Redford, Karl-Kirk Michael
Isle of Man, British IslesBritish IslesPrivately I find programming a fascinating ,extremely time consuming, hobby,where time and the outside world cease to exist .My first desk top computer was an IBM 5100 64k memory and 250k tape drive (those were the days when programmers used bits not bytes to store information) and I learnt the basic language from a book and programmed it in (IBM) Basic to calculate and printout the wage slips for my small engineering factory.I wrote a Golf club program which does the handicaps ,fixtures ,competitions ,accounts etc. for the 2 Atari Mega4 computers using ,guess what,a German language which I had read about and bought named GFA BASIC. So briefly,publicly I guess you can say that my interest in computers is broadly speaking, database / business orientated. You Can Email George Redford
Georg Pingl, Vienna
AustriaAustriaI am Georg S. Pingl from Vienna, Austria! I am a civil engineer and I am programming in GFA-Basic since 1985. First I did it on the ATARI ST, later on WIN 3.11 (1992?) and now under WIN32(WIN NT 4.0). My most popular programms are: dimensioning of timber and steel constructions - »cd-dach« a parameter studie for optimizing the costs of the »roofs over the platforms of the Austrian Railway Company (ÖBB) business management decision game (my master thesis) makes the user familiar with the operational facts of construction indusrty. You Can Email Georg Pingl
Ulli Stemmeler
GermanyUSA Ulli Stemmeler . Main progr. interest: Tools for daily use. A man of few words but many talents! His Web Site You Can Email Ulli Stemmeler
Millar Brainard
FloridaUSA Millar Brainard. Consultant to Telemetry Systems but works independantly FORTRAN, BASIC, GFA for ATARI ST, GFA-DOS, and then on up to GFW, it has been become second nature to develop SCADA and Remote Control Applications for Water and Wastewater Treatment Plants. Communications over hard wire, Private RF Nets, CDPD, and other Cellular Technologies present no problems. Presently challenged to develop routines to more efficiently transfer data from background applications to a main application analyzes information, creates operating logs, and notifies operators of problems, sometimes before they become critical. A Voice notification module is normally a part of each application. I established Telemetry Systems for Utilities, Inc. many years ago. Everything pictured has a GFA-DOS or GFW application operating. Prior to GFW, I had several Water/Sewer plants operated by Atari-ST under GFA-DOS. My ownership of Telemetry Systems, Inc. was sold in March 1999. The present owners are heavily involved in installation and turn-up of major Broadband communications systems for Nortel Networks. I consult with them so therefore still use the TS address. His Web Site You Can Email Millar Brainard
Mark Feaver
CaliforniaUSA Electronics technician repairing consumer audio and video products. Playing with computers and music since 1978, starting with TRS-80's, the AtariST and GFA in 1986-94, and GFA for Windows in late 94 to present. Area of programming interest is in midi and karaoke software for my own personal use and amusement.  Two GFA midi music programs, one for Atari ST and one for Windows, are available on my web site I   like to collect music files, and share midi and programming knowledge with other programmers with the same interest.  Single (never married); born in Marion, Ohio; currently live in Stockton, CA USA since 1963.  Also dabble in Borland C/C++ and Delphi languages. GFA Windows Midi-Karaoke Player is available on several of the karaoke sites.You Can Visit His Web Site You Can Email Mark Feaver
Peter Sejfried
PolandUSA My name is Peter Sejfried. I come from Czêstochowa, Poland. Since 1990 I programmed in GFA on Atari. For 3 years I write programmes in GFA for Windows only. My Main interests is the writing of useful programmes and games. You Can Email Peter Sejfried.
Sven Kumlin
SwedenSweden Sven Kumlin . Working on a calendar/diary program. Started 4-5 years ago on Atari ST 1040, but it's not yet finished. I was a designer of mechanical test equipment at Volvo. Now I am a pensioner (66). You Can Email Sven Kumlin
David Wicker
Fort Worth
TexasUSA David Wicker . Hello ! I would never have found out about GFABasic if it were not for Russell Hayward ! I started on computers back when I was 10 years old and have been going strong ever since. One of my biggest complaints about programming was running out of memory. I told Russell I will not leave QBasic 4.5 unless he can provide and prove 4 things: 1) An Editor equal to or better than QBasic 2) An easy way to play both .MID and .WAV files in the background 3) WindowLock 4) Enough memory to write decent code. Well, he came through and showed me them all ! My interests in programming are Games, especially RPGs and RPG Generators, Screen Teasers, and Graphic Tools. Since I haven't really grown up, I tend to watch a lot of cartoons, collect Anime & Hentai, and play RPG videogames. I'm also between dating now so if you're in Fort Worth, TX, are close to my age of 33, and share similar interests, especially if you're really sexy, look me up and show me what you know besides computers and games ! :) Homepage His Web Site You Can Email David Wicker
Roland Walter
GermanyGermany Roland Walter. One of the premier GFA programmers. Very knowledgeable in GFA and other programming languages. You can't go wrong downloading Rolands' programs. Look for them on the GFA16 download page. Homepage Rolands' Web Site You Can Email Roland Walter
Engelbert van LoockGermany I came from music to computing in 1985 when the Atari midi boom started. At the same time I entered the German musical instruments branch. Since 1995 I am working for a midi file manufacturer, HitBit. My businesses at HitBit are writing documentation for our customers (manuals etc.), doing the hotline job, programming little tools for inner use and tools for publication, designing our ads and website(s) ( /, pursue software pirates (that takes the most of my time) organizing our presentations on fairs and a lot of other stuff (The advance of working for little companies: your days are filled with different challenges). You Can Email Engelbert van Loock
Stefan Scholz
BRDUSA Stefan Scholz .nterest: Abrechnungssysteme, Datenbanken, Programmieren unter Windows mit GFA 16, GFA32. Personal Facts: 30 Jahre, ledig eigene Softwarefirma m.tek software GmbH in 64331 Weiterstadt und in 32425 Minden His Web Site You Can Email Stefan
Peter Stoehr
GermanyGermany Main programming interest: ALL. Programming about 20 Years on every Platform: in Assembler, C, Pascal and (of course) since those happy years of ATARI-ST in GFA-Basic His Web Site You Can Email Peter
Wolfgan Schindler
GermanyGermanyWolfgang Schindler. Born 1950 in Munich, married, 3 children. Lecturer in the study-center on Protestant Youth Work, Josefstal, Bavaria. He's running trainings for professional Youth-and Community Workers, specialised on Multimedia and Internet being media in Youthwork and further education. See his Site: Programming only for fun and for occasional use at work (MaC-Timer), started in 1974 on a PDP11, later with C64, Atari and learned Windows by programming its API. You Can Email Wolfgan Schindler
Jean-Marie Melanson
CanadaGermanyDieppe, NB, Canada Primary Gfa programming interest. (Data base, graphical, utilities, etc.) My interest in programming grew from a general interest in computer control to generating useful utilities to help with my painting hobby. You could say I am mainly interested in aspects of computer simulations. Notable GFA projects in terms of time and effort invested are a Lunar Module simulation program (3 years), a board game called Chessers featuring sound effects and animation(6 months) and a stepper motor control program using the parallel port. In general, programming to me, is like working on a jigsaw puzzle, I like the challenge of tinkering with code and coming up with an answer on my own rather than relying on someone else's solution. I work as a computer engineering technologist in a hospital biomedical engineering deptartment. I am married, Wife Judy, 3 grown kids, dog and cat. Check out his web site and his fantastic paintings. Homepage Jean-Maries' Web Site You Can Email John-Marie Melanson
Keith Walmsley
EnglandGermanyKeith Walmsley. Psychology Technician and not very good GFA programmer. Mainly programs for cognitive labs, data collection, reduction and hardware drivers for odd bits of lab equipment. Eye Tracking tasks, hand-eye coordination and such. Have written stuff for Atari,Mac and PC in Fast Basic, Quick Basic Gfa for Dos, Gfa Windows. Consider your help file to be heaven sent,could not manage without it. Don't know enough myself to be of much help to anyone but always glad to hear from people. You Can Email Keith Walmsley
Antonio Barbosa
Antonio Barbosa (aka AB) a.I'm 46, married, with 3 childs. Live and work in Porto (Portugal) As most of us, I started with gfa for ATARI. With it, I made some programs for textile industry and some are still being used! Later, with GFA for windows 3.x, I made many programs (also are still used) for newspaper (editorial & production).At late 2000, I started with GB32 and I love it (allthough I'm not still at easy with it and despite some anoying bugs...) What I dislike more about GFA is the lack of information in decent language (excuse me you, german speakers...) that makes me try to guess how things work! I think it's because of it, the main reason of existance of this mailing list (btw, I must thank Dale for his work) What I like more about GFA is that it's still a powerfull and quick way to do good programs.And, of course, it's 100% Micro$oft free. (I know that it's not absolutely true, but I like to say it....) I like Windows 2k, but I hate ALL the other stuff of MS. I also do some projects with MicroChip microcontrolers and now I'm starting with OPL for PSION handheld (btw, is there somebody suffering the same disease?) Antonio Barbosa
Roger Cabo
My programming interests are: Ego-shooter gaming.Roger rides a motocycle . Be sure and visit his web page. 19 years old! Roger has contributed some very nice programs!! His Web Site You Can Email Roger Cabo
Michael Weigand
Kiel Germany..Germany
I'm 35 years old. I started programming with GFA-Basic on the Atari and released a teletext decoder and a link program for Sharp PC-1403 pocket computer as freeware. In 1997 I bought my first PC and started programming with GFA-WIN. My cost estimating software for a sign making system still waits to be converted to GB32. I am a professional database programmer with Navision Solutions, but I still haven't done any database stuff with GB32 due to the lack of controls and network/multiuser capabilities. His Web Site You Can Email Michael Weigand
James Schumacher..Redondo Beach
USA Main areas of programming interest. - For now, I'm focused on creating software for children with learning disabilities using GFABASIC and FUTUREBASIC. I have one application (Labeling_Tutor) on the market (for both PC and Macintosh) and plan to create several others. On the side (to pay the mortgage), I'm also doing some work in ACCESS and SQL7 (which I started learning earlier this year). After working as an engineer for nearly 20 years, I'm trying to start a software business. My motivation in initially working on software for learning disabilities is that my son has Autism. ContactJames Schumacher
Patrik Battig..Thialand Proficient In Both GFA-BASIC and C: Programming. Very Helpful To Me In Converting Windows API C Code To Gfa For The GFAWHELP File ContactPatrik Battig

Belfast...Northren Ireland
I work for a Shorts Missile Systems in Belfast, Northern Ireland. I've used the DOS version of GFA Basic to write several commercial programs for data logging and analysis of data from our fire control systems. Programs I have written are in use with the British army, DND Canada (been there quite often on support work) and soon the US DOD. I use assembler to write the speed critical sections and GFA for the _pretty_ bits. I'm in the process of updating the DOS programs to Windows and writing a program for my own use to control a scanning radio via RS232. I'm also a radio ham, call sign GI4MUN Or You Can Email Alan Lennon

Pommerit le Vicomte nr Guingamp in Brittany..France
I still do a bit of programming in GFA' I am a retired paint chemist , and ex owner of a company specializing in corrosion prevention and cure,not a professional programmer. You Can Email Bob Springett

I don't really specialize in anything. I used to write a lot on the Atari. My Interest is educational games and simple graphics animation. GFA on the pc is new to me. I'm still learning but I'm coming around. I'm not currently writing anything, Just playing. Testing some procedures. You Can Email P.Carter

Basically everything sort of program (mostly small utilities for my personal use). Programming platforms (best one first): Unix, NT, Win95, Win 3.x, DOS, Atari ST (As far as GFA is concerned, that is Win32, Win, DOS, ST) Other programming languages: C, C++, Java, Pascal, bash.None of the www servers I'm running at the moment is directly related to GFA-Basic, this will, however, change. Current occupations: Studying CS, Running an ISP,  Building/Repairing/Selling computers Interests: Lots of stuff, most important: Computers, Star Trek, Video editing ( is under construction). You Can Email Bernhard Rosenkränzer
Graphics/Multimedia, Arti.ficial intelligence, Science/Statistics Program examples: Look for "Spiridon" and "3Draw", for example in Albert's Ambry Shareware Site.    I am married, 2 children, 1 dog. I am 32 and GFA programmer since Atari ST came up. Private secrets? Pssst!  Visit His Web Page 3DRAW Program You Can Email Ingmar Brunken

General Windows utilities, WinSplit (, WinMerge ( No general interest, usually small apps to solve some work . You Can Email Hannu Pohjanheimo

Rockville, Maryland...USA
Retired USN submariner, communicator, and beltway-bandit. First introduced to GFA (Atari) back in 1988, and strictly self taught. My specific interests include PC instrument and receiver control as well as any and all DSP signal analysis functions using sound cards. W3CSW You Can Email Bill Farmer
(Call Me Dave) Barton

Hobart, Tasmania..Australia
Main area of programming: Windows / DOS and several specialized proprietary Micro Controller systems. Whenever possible I prefer to use GFA (both Windows & DOS) but for some projects I have to work in C/C++ or Assembler.Programming Interest: Mainly "Real-World" Interfacing, which covers a wide spectrum of subjects, including industrial control and robotics, scientific and medical data collection / monitoring and analysis, remote data communications via radio and modem links. Much of the data collected and / or transmitted to these systems is linked to and manipulated by a DBMS. Most require fairly smart "Real-Time" graphics for operator displays and controls. Born in London. Married to a terrific lady from Seattle. Have been working in Australia for past eight years. Started playing about with electronics and computing about the same time as Bill Gates, but didn't make quite as much money as he did. You Can Email Dave Barton

Titusville, Florida..USA .
My special programming interest is in itself relatively simply. Mostly I write to track & annalize the Florida Lotto.  My biggest project was a word processor for the AtariST years ago - never released. I have been on a Windows machine for several years, Windows95 about a year: I like my programs to be stand alone self-contained, mostly of a personal utility nature You Can Email Randy Walker

Jens says he programs whatever customers need. You Can Email Jens Wachholz

My programming interests are: writing music-software for the school - for children. For example: a Melody-Quiz, Rhythm-Trainer, Composers-Quiz (only in German!). Music Memory-Game (also in English) GFA-Basic for Windows You can find these programs on my homepage...  His Great Web Site You Can Email Johannes Kaiser-Kaplaner

Elversberg, Saar...Germany
My main programming interests is writing Software for Ham Radio in GFA-Basic for Windows. You can visit his home page at His Web Site You Can Email Hans Ficker

Macintosh programming in Future Basic POS applications. The name of the program is "MauPassant". Now I want to port my Macintosh POS program to Windows. I have made some simple printer utilities for Windows with GFA and ASCII converter programs....Visit  His Web Site You Can Email Hans Tornqvist
Programs in GFA for windows v. 4.38 for the school, exercises special for German language. Program language is only German! Auf meiner Web site sind Demos ladbar: HYPERION, ein Hypertext-Generator NORA, ein Übungsprogramm zur Rechtschreibreform KORREKT, Erstellung von Korrekturbemerkungen für Deutsch-Aufsätze Außerdem erarbeite ich Handreichungen für Lehrer, die den Computer im Unterricht einsetzen wollen.....Visit  His Web Site You Can Email Guenther Neumann

Programming interest: Pascal, assembler and GFA Basic. I developed 3 applications under GFA: A mathematical functions plotter, with numerical integration and derivation; a LOGO language (yes a LOGO interpreter written in GFA basic !) and a program useful for teachers, for grades/averages calculations. Those three applications were developed under GFA for ATARI but I rewrote the math plotter and the teacher help one for Windows.....Visit  His Web SiteMarcs Pelletier( Web page in French)

Heinrich Heine Universitaet Duesseldorf..Germany
I'm a Ph.D. student in physics. We use A-Basic for any kind of data aqusition and data processing programs or for modeling systems. .Visit  His Web Site You Can Email Hendrik Ohldag

Topsail, Newfoundland..Canada A1B 4J6
Software development: THE FUN STUFF:Multimedia Development - Customized Touch Screen Kiosks, mainly in Environmental Interpretation centers. THE BREAD AND BUTTER STUFF:Scientific programming - My back ground is in Geographic Information Systems and Data analysis. You Can Email Larry Nolan
Programming in GFA since 5 Years. Interests Programming for scientific Purposes : Graphics, Data Conversion, Image Conversion, Networking. Albert-Ludwigs-Universitaet Freiburg Institut fuer Makromolekulare Chemie You Can Email Ulrich Westphal
I started programming in GFA on Atari - an Music/Ear-training program.Then I developed a Program for controlling the lights in Theaters and shows.I converted it to GFA for Dos, because it was a great thing to run on Laptop computers. I am interested in Animation too. GFA for Windows is fairly new to me....Visit  His Web Site You Can Email Jan Schonemann

Murwillumbah, NSW...Australia
My programming interests with GFA lie mainly the development of financial reporting systems and small specialized accounting/invoicing systems. I've also developed many small DLL's with GFA which have been used to link old style mainframe database data to Excel spreadsheets. By way of background, I started using GFA-WIN about 4 years ago when I found that the then current Visual Basic just couldn't meet my needs or was just to slow. GFA-WIN is great, particularly how you can use it in either a "C" or "GFA" style. You Can Email Pat Bullman
I have been programming with GFA BASIC since 1988 on the ATARI ST and since 1993 on the PC under WFW 3.11 and now under Windows 95. At the moment I´m programming Software for our business. I am 26 years old and not married. You Can Email René Fritzsche

Beamsville, Ontario..Canada.
Strictly use GFA Windows and GFA DOS for fun purposes, having written some math quiz type games for my five kids. I am the editor of four tiny little weekly newspapers along the south shore of Lake Ontario. Started on the Atari 400 with BASIC XL and assembler/editor, moved along to the Atari ST and GFA for that machine. My 14 year-old son, Donny, is now using GFA Windows to write small games.....Visit  His Web Site You Can Email Tom Wilkinson

All the programming I do is for my own company, it's all about bookkeeping, writing offers, confirmations, invoices, databases for storage, and a lot of administrative stuff, sales statistics, automatic fax ordering etc. I started programming in GFA-Basic on Atari, when DOS on XT 8-bit machines was still the industry standard, I'm still using it, with MagicPC (an Atari emulation on Win 95, runs great), in the meantime most of the programming is done with GFA-Basic for Windows, looking forward to GFA-32bit.Visit  His Company Site You Can Email Christoph Mueller

I'm the distributor for face VALUE, an application-builder for GFA-Basic for TOS-platforms. You Can Email Holger Herzog
I am a Amateur Multimedia Software Developer for Windows. I am a Musician and full time Uni student. Currently in Funk band gigging around local area. I am 20 years old. You Can Email Duane Forster

Oceanside, Ca..USA
Gameing utilities, Databases, Drawing programs. 4. 6' , 158 lbs, I write songs, Play guitar, Repair computers, build Networks, spent 22 years as a metrologist (calibrationist) for the United States Marine Corps & will retire in September, Carve leather, Write HTML, Learning JAVA - C++ - GFA - Visual basic. I serve the Lord Jesus the Christ.. You Can Email Martin Thieman

.I am a Mainframe programmer using PL1 and MANTIS. I also dable in 'C' and Windows. My main GFA involvment has been in converting an large AMIGA application to GFA for Windows. You Can Email Tim Everest

.. Owning Atari GFA, Amiga GFA, IBM DOS GFA and Windows GFA, I love the programming language. I only hope it continues to be supported (ie Win32) and support sites such as this. Keep up the good work. Much appreciated. You Can Email

I am 23 and a GFA programmer. My main programming interest is games. I am also a big Prisoner Cell Block H fan (Cult Australian TV series). You can see a game I have made with GFA Basic at my homepage.Visit  His Web Site You Can Email Mark Leonard
Malcolm (Mac)

Mindare Beach..Australia.
An electrical engineer by training. Began writing computer games in 1982 (BBC BASIC) as The Midnight Oil. Emigrated from the UK to Australia in January 1996 and now sell the games over the internet. Used GFA for the Atari, then Amiga, then PC DOS and now Windows . Just general interest in programming. I'm not a "professional" programmer. I write the music I don't tune the piano. Unfortunately not something easily done with Windows. Have a copy of VB and will sometime get into it - particularly if GFA don't bring out the 32 bit version of GFA BASIC soon  Visit His Web Site You Can Email Malcolm Howard

Wilhelm says he is a beginning GFA Windows programmer. Main areas of programming interest. tools, strategic games. Wilhelm is a MVS Operator. You Can Email Wilhelm Bückmann

Unknown Germany.
My name is Ralf Wirtz. Programming in GFA for ten years starting with GFA for the Atari. Download his GFA program Simplex Numerica from his Web site. His Web Site You Can Email Ralf Wirtz

London England.
My name is Dave Couter. I am working on a little project at the moment, a magazine CD software index, using GfA Win for the pretty front-end, and MicroFocus cobol for the file-handling engine. : I'm a business analyst/database designer and sometime COBOL programmer, working mainly as freelance in the investment management/merchant banking industry, since 1966 (NEAT/3). I have been a keen user of GfA Basic, since using it on my Atari ST and Amiga 1200, both of which are in frequent use - since 1988. Now I have Gemulator'98 (TOS 2.06 chips) and GfA basic on my PCs, I can at last restart writing those handy 'half-a-dozen line utility/fix' programs! You Can Email Dave Couter

Bavaria, Landshut GermanyGermany.
Juergen Liebenstein. Database programming (SQL-Server, MS Access), MS Office (VBA), Visual Basic 6.0, Utilities and Databases Single, male, 37 years old, hobbies: making amateur movies, Ford Capri carsHis Web Siteweb . 6. (under construction, available from 1.1.2000) You Can Email Juergen

Guillestre FranceFrance.
Scientific programmation (astronomy, weather prediction models) Retired. Before retirement, I was in charge of general weather prediction in the French Weather Office His Web Site You Can Email Jean

Brasilia BrazilBrazil
Main area of programming interest I only program as an entertainement activity. I am 44, male, married with the unforgettable Rosane,a son and a daughter. You Can Email Afonso

Munich GermanyGermany
. Main programming interest: Calculations for electrical engineering and radio amateurs : age 64, retired engineer for radio communications, hobbies: amateur radio (Call DJ3AR) / programming since 1987 (Atari ST) with Gfa-Basic and now on homebuilt PCs (but beginner with GB32) / digital video filming and pc-based cutting. You Can Email Uli

I am about 30 years old and I like to program tools and other things just for fun and mostly for own use. But mainly to train my ability in programing. In my opinion I am an advanced beginner although I am programing in GFA since 1987. In the beginning on an AtariST and now on a Win-PC. You Can Email Mathias
GFA Programmers. Send Me A Email With Some Facts About Your Programming Interest So I Can Add Your Name. Please Include Home Town, Country And Email Address
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